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garryrockdjgarryrockdj Posts: 22
edited December 2010 in PA Configuration Wizard
I am always looking into ways of getting the bass tighter, more punch.
Would setting the compression help, and if so what would you recommend as a starting point. ratio etc
I have all the other setting's working fine, but just after fine tuning.
I only play processed music through my system.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    ABSOLUTELY NOT! canned music is already HEAVILY compressed! Your only real options are:
    1. more subs/better subs
    2. More power ...if the subs can handle it
    3. Better subs... some (usually those with (and this seems to apply to front loaded subs)) with 4" voice coils and the power to push them... These subs are usually power hungry and spendy...


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