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Quick setup question...

keyman88keyman88 Posts: 32
Mains-JBL srx715 (2) Biamped
Subs- JBL srx718 (4) & EV QRX 218 (1)
Monitors TCS tm112 (2) & (2)powered QSC hpr122i

I run my live band system mono Mixwiz 16:2
In my rack I have 3 qsc plx amps, I use 1 bridged for my mids,(1 for Highs& 2 monitors )and 1 bridged for either (2) JBL subs or (1) EV double 18 depending on the venue(if I need more subs I have more plx amps and I just bought 2 Crown xti (4000 & 6000)

I am currently running channel A for my mids & highs with a 1x2 crossover and Channel B is a 1x1 filter for my subs and my monitors are not running through the dr260 at all.
Outputs are 1=highs 2=mids 3=jbl subs 4= EV sub
Is there any reason why I shouldnt set up a 1x4 crossover on Channel A and incorporate the subs & tops into one channel leaving Channel B for monitors? (I want to put the monitors thru the dr260)
Channel A 1x4.....Outputs are 1=highs 2=mids 3=jbl subs 4= EV sub
Channel B 1x1.....Outputs 5 for monitors
I also have the Crown XTi's with dsp I can use for subs so what do you think is the best use of my resources and does my reasoning make sense?
Thanks, Gary


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I can seem no flaw in your logic. The XTi's are probably not the caliber sub amp that the PLX is. There are a number of benefits to aux fed subs (if thats what you were doing) The one caveat is the different subs... sometimes interaction of different patterns and frequency responses can cause all manor of sonic anomalies.

  • I am using aux fed subs and I don't mix & match the subs, I only put the 2x18 EV sub by itself sometimes when I just need one sub for smaller gigs (it's easier to move a single cab with wheels rather than 2 single 18 jbl's) so I put it in the driverack as a separate output for when I only use one sub. I guess I could just make a new preset in the dr260 for that setup as well.
    Are the PLX amps really better for subs....why? What are the XTi's best suited for? ( I hope I didn't waste my money on them!) posting.php?mode=reply&f=21&t=2714#
    Thanks, Gary
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