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Mackie Active Speaker @ Top with Peavey Sp18 as Sub

hungxoayhungxoay Posts: 6
edited January 2011 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hello and Merry Christmas everyone.
I've been reading this forum since I bought the DriveRack PA 5 year ago and still like a newbie, know nothing yet. Behind confusing with reading with my very limited English, I am an old man, just an amateur doing ONE MAN BAND music style once a while.

Long story is enough, here I go my friends, please help :
My system is specified as:
- Mixer Mackie Onyx 1202 ( Maximum rated ouput +27dBu @ Main XLR outputs )
- 2 sub Peavey SP 18 ( 47Hz - 190 Hz @ +- 3 dB ) with QSC PLX 3602 amp
- 2 top Mackie SA 1521 ( 47Hz - 10Hz @ +- 3dB )

These things is running through DriveRack PA as high and low in stereo.

Question 1: What is setting in Xover part? what HZ, BW, LR should be in low and high?
Question 2: Should I set Gain and structure first and how setting would be with the Top Active Speaker and on
Question 3: Turn all microphone. shut down monitor, turn off all effect...in order to set AF. Please more specify this step like level start, level reading by mixer or by driverack PA?
Question 4: From what I understand by reading " news setting EQ in side " : I have to lay down the top speaker to floor, turn this speaker on only, set a RTA Mic right in front of it, choosing Flat,A, C.., then pin the noise until it ok with driverack PA. Is my understand is correct?
How do I store all these setting? like store Flat EQ in one user program, store A E Q in other user program, store C eq in other user program ???? Then apply in live situation? how could that should be? Is that I have to manually adjust the EQ in live situation? Should I stick with C EQ as most people in this forum suggested?

Again thanks every one is reading this. Remember my Drive Rack PA is an old modern. Your input and answer would be very appreciated. I will apply your inputs in New year party coming up.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    Where are you in the world anyway?
    Sub: (these settings are based on the power available...)
    A. HPF 45HZ BW18
    LPF 100hz LR24

    Tops ( MAckie SA 1521)
    B. HPF 100hz LR24

    As you said Hi outs = SA 1521
    Low outs = QSC/Peavey SP218.

    The reason for the sub HPF crossover point is the fact that your WAY under powered for those subs...

    The reason for the HPF of the tops is vocal clarity...

    2. This thread:
    describes the process pretty well...

    When you get to the Auto EQ sequence there is a new one...

    3. AFS.... This thread :

    Ok, First off..NONE of the principle posters here suggests any other Auto EQ "pre-curve".. other than -0-(FLAT)

    This is the FLAT pre-curve, now I have said that if you want, once you have flattened the PA and stored this, you can run the other curves and store them but I have NEVER had any use for them... your experience may be different...

    Here is the must read about auto eq:

    Now, armed with that information THIS:
    note that the speaker is it's side and should be tipped down slightly so that the horn is aimed at the mic:

    Then try and get the Auto EQ to give you the maximum volume it will allow (IF you run loud that is) otherwise use the volume you normally run at your shows to Auto EQ.
    Should I stick with C EQ as most people in this forum suggested?

    Again...NO "C" is a hyped eq that I don't care much for, but you can add them all A,B,C, D, -0- whatever... if you like, there are plenty of locations for them all...

    To [store] a preset you must press the [store] button 3 times... you will need to:
    1. name the preset
    2. select a location you want the preset to be stored
    3. verify that you REALLY want to store THIS preset and replace the one in that location...
    Then apply in live situation? how could that should be? Is that I have to manually adjust the EQ in live situation? Should I stick with C EQ as most people in this forum suggested?

    Not sure what you mean here... but you can... modify the eq to your preference after this and store that in another preset if you wish, but I would leave a "totally FLAT preset... unmodified.

    Hope that helps...
  • " As you said Hi outs = SA 1521
    Low outs = QSC/Peavey SP218.",
    Were you doing Pre-Xmas party then tried to help me Gadget? :D ( just kidding )
    My sub is an old subcompact Peavey SP18, not SP 218, rating as:
    - 350W continous program
    - 700 W program
    - 1400 W at Peak .

    I am in USA. Today is Christmas day. I had some red wine and start monkeying around with your recommend. If possible, please help me again. Hope I don't blow my speaker before return the renting amp on Monday. :lol:
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok... that does make a difference... raise the HPF to 50 hz and engage the limiter on the amp...

    Be careful with that sub.. it won't generate bone rattling low end without some damage. make sure there is no clacking sound.

    Merry Christmas.
  • I am not quite sure that I should raise the top or the sub HPF to 50 hz.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    HPF= lowest point you want your subs to go...the slope is steep, and helps protect the woofer... the Peavey Black widow is NOT a sub woofer to begin with...more of a low mid.. you have too much power for THAT driver...and that is why I suggested the limiter on the amp...which will drop the available power to about 1600watts...

    If you didn't want the suggestions why did you ASK?

  • I will definitely apply the limiter for the amp. Like I said in my first post that I am just like a newbie, confusing because of my limited English. When you recommended "raise" the HPF I thought I should raise the top so all the bass sound from the sub is better. Then I thought "raise" the HPF from the sub ,why you lower the number from 45hz to 50hz?? :oops:

    Now it is clear to me that I should "lower" the setting from 45hz to 50hz because my sub speaker is not as power than the SP 218

    Thanks Gadget, I will apply these setting and let you know.
    I guess I still need to pull all my hair again to make sure I am learning it in the right direction

    Have a nice day.
  • Hello Gadget,
    My last performance ( one man band) went good with your help. I just contact with dbx to request an update of the firm ware for my old drive rack PA. The guy from dbx is so nice, answer my question promptly and give me an RMA number to sent the unit in.
    1)This coming week-end, I will have a chance to play for a party with around 250 guest in a restaurant. I want to use just the 2 top, no sub, and set up as Full range custom. What Hz should I set in low and hi?
    2) I went with wizard setting the EQ right at my living room and got the flat EQ complete with your new method. How could I color the sound more without an external EQ?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well, I'm glad they were so helpful.. we try to be too. But I question sending the driverack in to simply get presets? 99% of those are completely useless...AND the ones you get are sinmply starting points that often aren't even close to what you want.. case in point, the Peavey SP118...the LPF I get when used in a 2x4 config (fullrange tops and subs) sets the LPF for the sub @ 180 hz??? :? That's RIDICULOUS! And when prompted as to why.. I was told that Peavey had not provided a number, and dbx will not...so that is a useless preset in my opinion!

    1. Use the 3dbB down point for the HPF (45-47hz) BW18
    2. There is no LPF on the Hi outs...

    If you wants some general EQ's I recommend using the PEQ's read through this thread and see what they are about...
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