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davedolcedavedolce Posts: 10
edited February 2011 in Configuration Wizard
Here is my situation, I run a small mobile dj company, I was initially going to purchase 2 jbl srx subs go with my 4 jbl 515 eons. with a qsc 2450 for the subs, I purchased my dbx pa+ to do the processing, crossover and all that jazz,

I use 2 515's with the srx's for the main dance floor and the other two 515's for fillers along the walls(as the gig permits)

I have decided to trade in a pair of my 515's because of the lack of volume with a pair of powered mackie450v2s and a pair of powered mackie 1801 subs.
so now i feel my dbx pa+ is not needed.

Can I use my pa+ with the powered sound system that I am using now, the guys at the shop are saying to get the dbx px (for powered speakers) and how can i get a preset for the new mackie 1801 subs in the pa+ if I do decide to keep it.

I've been dj'ing for years but never focused any energy into crossovers, eq's etc, until the last year or so..
any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Have you done anything foolish yet?

    The Mackies are not a step up but a step sideways...especially the 1801's...er..well.. :? the 450s as well... see, Mackie went offshore (like JBL just did) and their quality went right in the shi**er...

    Yes the DRPA+ will work with powered speakers and HELL NO don't get the PX (a bird in the bush) over the DRPA+ ( a bird in hand)... there is NO comparison.. those others have NO CLUE!!!!

    The thing is, the driverack brings a tool set to your little corner of the world that allows you to tailor your sound for the venue you play .. and especially in difficult rooms...You can set up presets for ALL the rooms you play...flatten the systems response and eliminate feedback.

    I use them in ALL my systems.. powered or not!
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    Thank you!!
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