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Using the DR260 as a 2x1 router?

larryf1952larryf1952 Posts: 8
I have a question regarding the use of a DR260, but with input 1 used as a mono mix from an audio mixer, and a separate mic input (preamped) as a source for input 2...effectively turning the DR260 into a 2x1 router. Is this possible? I would be zoning 3 DR outputs to separate amps through a ZC3 zone controller. This will be used in a high school gym. I asked another question a couple of months ago regarding this install, and you were all very helpful.

The zones would be as follows:

BOTH bleachers ON
HOME bleachers ON
VISITOR bleachers ON
COURT ON (bleachers OFF)

Can I assign which input (1 or 2) to be directed to the appropriate output, depending upon the position of the zone controller switch? In other words, there will be times when they'll need to have input 1 available to any of the 4 zones. Likewise, the same thing would be required of input 2. Can I separate both input channels in the DR, so as to make each one available individually to all 4 zones, but not at the same time? The reason for this is that there are permanently installed mic connections on the wall of the gym, and they'd like to use 1 of those, if possible, vs. rolling out the cart in which the mixer is housed every time that they need to use a mic. As such, I was considering wiring one of those wall mic inputs directly to an input of the DR.

This may be a simple question, but I'm trying to get my head wrapped around this so as to understand how the signal flow comes together with the ZC3 and the DR260 working in tandem.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If you want the wall mic to have the option of the 4 zones on / off in any combination
    have the mixer have the option of 4 zones on / off in any combination
    mix and match between the 2 sources in any combination...
    that is 8 outputs and you are limited to 6. So, no.

    Would you EVER have a need to use the mic AND the mixer at the same time with need to send each to a different zone (x4)?
    You could set up 4 zones for each (shared) and have 2 zones to use as needed. Both for mixer, one for mixer, both for mic, etc.

    This made my head hurt.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    yes,kinda... all those things are possible...but the 8 output thing...

    Hook up th4e 260 to a computer using the null modem cable

    Open the GUI and make sure the units are talking

    On the GUI click on the [config] button

    in the config mode right click on the xover (not the "xover" on the top, but the 1st box under..) it will highlight, right click and choose from the from the menu the crossover type you want... so, if you wanted 4 single zones.. select 1x1 filter... do the for the 4 zones

    If you want to have different inputs for different zones, right click on the input under RTE and select A, B, A+B

    You can link, and unlink, change processor modules, re-distribute delay, re-name outputs etc. in config...

  • DRA, I apologize for making your head hurt! :oops: This whole thing sort of made my head hurt, too. No, I would NOT need to use the mixer and mic inputs in combination with each other. Each input, 1 and 2, would be used separately at different times...never together. This is more of a convenience factor. If they have an assembly or some other event in the gym that requires just one person and a mic, they'd like to be able to just plug a mic into an existing wall jack, without having to wheel out their sound case, take the covers off, plug it into AC, plug the mic into the mixer, power it up...you get the picture.

    There will be 3 amps. Each amp will drive 1 of 3 zones...east bleachers, west bleachers and center court. So, the DR260 will be using only 3 of its 6 outputs. I want to be able to assign either DR input 1 or 2 to any combination of those 3 zones, utilizing those first 3 outputs, but both inputs would never be used in conjunction with one another. When using the mixer in the sound case, DR input 1 would be routed into the amps and zoned to the appropriate speaker amps through outputs 1 to 3; likewise, when using just the wall mic, DR input 2 would be zoned and routed into the amps through outputs 1 to 3.

    This would seem to be possible if I can split the DR inputs out and use them as 2 separate mono channels, with the ability to select which channel feeds outputs 1 through 3 of the DR. I'm not familiar enough with the menu and config. of the DR to know if the answers that you've provided me address this question?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    So.. you didn't get my post at all?

    Why not simply route A+B inputs to outputs 1-3...then whichever input you use will be routed to the 3 outputs...

    and AGAIN... simply enter the config mode and unlink the input modules as I suggested...

    2 inputs.. both mono.. 3 outputs... whatever you send on either input...

    not difficult.. :|
  • Yes, I understand what you are saying, insofar as how to create a zoned mono output is concerned. I'm waiting for the DR260 to arrive, and I've not yet had the opportunity to actually see a physical unit powered up or work with the menus, so I'm trying to visualize in my mind how the scenarios that you're explaining would appear, and how they apply to what I'm trying to achieve.

    This will be my first use of a driverack, or of any "all in one" digital speaker management processor, for that matter. I hope that hooking up a laptop to it and controlling it through a GUI will be as easy as people say that it is.

    In any case, thanks for your patience with me and your prompt responses. They are appreciated!
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Umm...you can run the GUI and play to your hearts content...no need to wait for the unit... :mrgreen:

    You can build your programs and have them all ready for the 260's arrival.

    Then simply import the .dwp file to the 260...
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