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DBX 260 bridged mono

mb...mb... Posts: 4
I'm new to the DBX world and did read many of the ( READ THIS FIRST ) post, but when I went to the training tab there was no video on the 260.... I just got a 260 with an RTA.

Our FOH speakers are: 2 JBL VRX 932LA-1s, and 2 JBL SRX 718Ms.
We were told to run the tops and and the subs Bridged Mono with 2 of the QSC RMX 2450s I have .... I owne 4 of these amps and could run all speakers Bridged Stereo, but most places may not have enough power to run all these amps and I believe it may be better to run Stereo tops with more tops ( 2 VRXs per side ).

I thank you up front for any direction you can offer on how to set the 260.

I use a mac book pro an need some kind of adapter to connect.

Thanks again,



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    Hmmm Mac will have to run a windows emulator in order to access the GUI

    The VRX at one per side can barely get out of the way... these are LINE ARRAYS and are meant to be run with a minimum of 4 per side...

    The Tunings are available at JBL PRO... under "tunings"

    But there won't be much for fullrange and especially not without the VRX subs... but the xovers and what not are essentially the same...between the SRX and VRX subs.

    Main caveat here is vertical coverage and midband dirrectivity and frequency flattness...

    Let us know what you need...

  • mb...mb... Posts: 4
    Thank you for the reply Gadget .....

    What I need is the basic outline for setting up the DBX 260 in Bridged Mono for the tops and how/ where to set the xover points for the subs. I've never used anything like this before. All the templets have stereo for the tops.

    Where is the video on the 260 you told another poster about?

    Is there anyone in Houston I can get a few lessons from?

  • mb...mb... Posts: 4
    Is there a direct phone line or email to DBX Support? We have a gig mid week and My hope is to get this 260 set by this evening or tomorrow at the latest if possible so we could try out our new speakers and Sub's.

    Thanks again,

  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    At the top of this page, click "Training".
    Leave the "Products" alone and Click "Software".

    Select "Driveware".


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You'll need to get the GUI up and running for easy setup... but you can do most of it with that little tiny screen.

    The Vid is here, and it's the GUI tutorial:
    http://www.dbxpro.com/Training_Modules/ ... aining.php

    With the GUI in place you can actually download the file and import it into your 260...It's not much of a file though and you could easily enter it all.

    The numbers are:
    Sub gain +2.0
    Sub HPF 31.3hz BW18
    Sub LPF 81.1hz LR48

    Tops gain -0-
    Tops HPF 81.1hz LR48
    Tops LPF none (Butt 6 ~out

    Gain +2dB

    gain +1.5dB

    Delay= -0- ms

    As for the amps, engage the bridge mode, turn channel 'A' all the way up and 'B' all the way down...
    You may want to alter this in the gain structure but you could do it with xover gain as well..

    The tunings are found @ :
    http://www.jblpro.com/catalog/general/t ... D=18&Run=1
    under VRX900 series tunings and .dwp file is called:


    You didn't indicate if this was a mono setup, but alluded to it.. If so you can simply enter the config mode and change the crossover routing to be a+b if you wish... or simply feed either in/out to one amp and use the through feature of the amp to send to the other for tops and subs...

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