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help connecting my dbx 266xl

pneroupnerou Posts: 2
edited April 2011 in Connectivity
hey..thanks in advance for checking out the thread.

set up is as follows:
dbx 266xl
soundcraft spirit m12 mixer
alesis ra 100 amp
audio technica AT 3035 cardioid capacitator mic
alesis studio refrence monitors

i have everything wired pretty much how ive always had it wired (very basic) but now i would like to add the compressor to the mic channel (track one). i've connected the mic to the compressor going IN and have Y wires from the insert on track one to IN and OUT on Channel one from compressor...I GET NOTHING...then i keep the same connection but plug and xlr out of the compressor channel 1 into track 1 on my mixer where i have the insert connected...HERE I GET SOMETHING...but not what i want to hear....its just a buzzing or a high pitch noise but nothing from the mic...

someone please call me a newbie and help me out this mess....lol...it would be well apppreciatted...


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Looks like you have the insert cable backwards... The tip of the inset cable is the out, and that should be red on the other end...of the insert cable... the return is the ring on the insert side , and the black or white typically on the outboard side... So, mike into the mixer as usual, swap the cables on the comp so the RED is on the comp LINE IN...
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