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QSC KW152 AND QSC KW 181 Crossover

djheartbreakdjheartbreak Posts: 10
edited April 2011 in PA Configuration Wizard

Can some1 help with with Crossover setting for my dbx pa? I have 2 qsc kw 152 for top and 2 kw181 sub. If any1 can help that would be great for our band..thanks


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well... the first thing in determining what to do is to examine the specs of the different components...we really don't need to consider the tops at this point.. only the response of the sub...I looked at the specs for the subs and there was a 'chuckle' there... seems that the manual says the frequency response of the sub is...

    40hz - 112khz... that's 112,000 hzemoticons.gif
    Ya right...so much for proof reading...that's supposed to be 40hz -112 hz... and that's the 6 dB down spec...

    the 10dB down spec is 37hz- 129 (is this useful? no, not really...)200912104356-1.gif
    Ok, so what the hell DO we know then...?018.gif
    We can actually go down to about 50 hz with the KW152... but that would be STUPID...So what are the criteria for selecting the crossover point?

    The limiting factor here as I see it is the fact that you will only have 2 single subs... normally I would go for vocal clarity with a system... but here your limited by the low end.. so.. I guess I'd go with either 75 hz or 90 hz, and probably suggest LR 24 filter types... the HPF for the subs will be handled by the subs...

    I would further suggest that you place the subs together... on one side or the other or better yet out front... but you simply DO NOT have enough low end... those tops will EAT those subs...(one per side) or at least over power them ...

    In the wizard, set up a 2X3 (you could then go stereo tops and mono subs, or mono tops and mono subs and a single monitor on the driverack...(that would require a different setup...though) then load the config and go into the xover and set up the xover point.. (try both...it's easy).
  • Thank you! but im still confuse so i was wondering if i don't use the dbx pa and just use those kw crossover already build in.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hmmm I would have suggested the built in crossovers if I thought they would be better...Personally I would use the Driverack, it has far superior filter types and much more control than the Qw has...in my opinion.
  • I would love to use the dbx pa but im confuse about ur Suggestion. If i use the dbx pa the only connection is to the low and high no mid. I am new to crossover so if u can guide me through the high setting and low setting in dbx pa that would be great.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    You're over thinking it. Disregard the fact that the 152's have a built in x-over for it's internal speakers. They will still be used (internally). The DRPA will only send the high (above the sub) signal to the 152 and the 152 will do the rest (internally). You have a high speaker and a low speaker (sub), that is why you don't use the mid output on the driverack (even though you DO have a mid speaker in the 152).
    Is that clear?

  • I totally understsand my only question is what config would be best for high and low if using dbxpa. I am sorry if i make u guy frustrated..
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I gave you all the info in my post...but to clarify...

    Set up a 2x3 or 2x4 in the wizard...if your specific speakers are no in the presets then simply select "custom"

    Let the subs be their own HPF... so set the HPF in the DR to 30hz BW6

    Set the HPF/LPF for the subs to top crossover @ 75 hz LR24 (this means the LPF for the subs and the HPF for the tops). Use the Hi outs for the KW152's and the left low out for the KW181's (use the direct out on the SW181 to daisy chain the subs)

    Set tops to "normal"

    Set the subs to "limit" and "normal" polarity...

  • Thank you! i will try it out
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