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4800 generating clipping square waves!!

apradaaprada Posts: 6
edited May 2011 in 4800 General Discussion
I was using the 4800 with HiQnet , I needed to switch the source for output 4 (it was getting ch 3) so I opened the routing icon on ch4 then selected
ch 4 as input and clipping square waves came out of 3&4 ( the meters on the 4800 were clipping red ) I could not mute the unit or easily unplug the output, so I ran to turn down the amp. but too late, woofers were blown on a EAW jfx100i. Luckily I did not have anything plugged into ch4 yet.

what could cause this? this is an almost new unit, purchased last quarter of 2010. the manual does not mention having to mute when switching input sources ( I do this all the time with BSS minidrives and dBx dr260 ) .

thank for any advice,

Alfredo Prada


  • Hi Alfredo,

    The 4800 does not have any known issues of generating DC on the output which I could see potentially causing this type of problem.
    The output rotary encoders should have also allowed you to engage and mute the output signal going to the amplifier.
    Generally, when a square wave is sent to an amplifier, it's because the output level is maxed out up to the point where all the audio is pushed up against the limiters threshold.
    When constant limiting is taking place, then it will be normal to see a constant red LED indicator directly above the 4800's output meters.

    You should be able to select an input without having to mute the output but you always need to be aware of the input and output levels.
    Please contact us here at dbx TCS and we can try to figure out what we need to do to resolve the issue.

    801-566-8800 ext 4627

    Best Regards,

    Jason Mondragon
    dbx Technical Customer Service
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