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DR260 with Peavey PR12D Powered Speakers

jckliujckliu Posts: 4
Behringer X1222USB
Peavey PR12D

I am trying to set up a very portable system for the church with the above components. The system is mainly for small gatherings (speech and small light music groups) for about 200 people. Has anybody set up a 260 with PR12D before? I would like to use the AFS and EQ feature of the 260 and also use a couple of monitor channels occassionally for the music groups. Any advice is deeply appreciated.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You can do the Peavey's..and ONE monitor feed (doesn't matter how many actual speakers but only one feed...) That would be a 2X2 setup...

    Lets say you wanted to run 6 monitors though, and 2 tops...

    Send the mono output (or if there isn't one...either left or right out ...) of the mixer to the 'A' input of the 260

    Use a pre fader send and send that to the 'B' input of the 260...

    Now you could arguably use ANY of the outputs, for this exercise, lets use the 'A' input to feed the # 1 output...
    and assuming we can run 2 monitors off each amp channel. Lets feed input 'B' to outputs 2, 3, and 4.

    To do this we need to get into the routing and that is in the "config" mode. The easiest way to do this is with the GUI... you will need the DB9 cable from a computer with a serial port (tower) or a laptop with an approved (means simply works with) USB to serial converter...

    There is a lot of help info int the "start here" thread:
    the FAQ section:
    and the dbx faq section:
    and training sections:

    There is SO much you can do with a 260...

  • jckliujckliu Posts: 4
    Thank you Gadget for the prompt response. I do have the serial link to configure etc. and I have done a few larger systems using DR260 using bi-amp etc. I am fairly new to the game and still learning.

    However, this is the first time that I use a pair of powered speaker and I am not sure how to set the amp and speaker parameters since they are one unit. The only thing that I know from the spec sheet is that the input sensitivity is 0.375V RMS. The speaker itself is already bi-amped internally with 150W to woofer and 50W to tweeter. Do I even bother to configure the speaker parameters? And how do I configure the amp section? It is funny that with separate amp and speakers you seem to be in total control but when they are one box I don't know what to do.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I guess it can be kind of perplexing until you consider that the DBX has NO idea if the speakers are powered or passive.. and that other than the fact that the amp is INTERNAL on powered there really isn't any difference if you have an INPUT sensitivity.. and even then it really only matters if your using subs...

    I'd say put the volume control @ 50% and then use "custom" settings for all amps and speakers...

  • jckliujckliu Posts: 4
    You're right. I will give it a try and optimize the gain structure of the system first and go from there. Thanks again.

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