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DBX 260

alfrednealfredne Posts: 3
edited July 2011 in Configuration Wizard
Is there a usb to serial cable that can be used to connect my laptop to the dbx 260. Where do I go to adjust the gain on input 1 & 2. I am new to this unit.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    There are a number of USB adapters that work, I'm using a $15 el-cheapo that I got from New Egg years ago...there is a list of those that dbx confirms in their FAQ section.

    As for the other question I assume you are talking about adjusting the input mixer without the GUI? I don't think you should even have to worry about that... with the default @ -0- you should be able to stay well within the range of good audio with a mixer that puts out 22-28dBu (which is typical for most pro+4 units)

    Remember you also have the crossover gains and the amp controls....the only reason I can see that you would need to monkey with the input mixer is if your looking to mono the rig, and then you can do that in the setup wizard, or with the config mode. Remember also that most towers still sport a serial port so you could use one to set up your system till you get a converter. you could also pick up an old laptop for next to nothing t dedicate to the job of GUI control.

  • alfrednealfredne Posts: 3
    I am actually working with a four way preset that came with the 260 trying to tweek it to suit my setup but I find the gain low compared to my old speaker management.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well... working with an old setup is a bad idea in my mind... try a custom setup...using someone Else's preset is WRONG on so many levels...
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