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Electro-Voice LiveX setup need more Bass

kruschkrusch Posts: 3
edited July 2011 in PA Configuration Wizard
I have a driverack PA connected to 2 Mackie M-1400i amplifiers putting out 500w at 4 ohms. My tops are LiveX ELX215 dual 15" with a horn (4ohm) and my subs are 4 ELX118 single 18" (8ohm) wired to the amp at 4 ohm. My driverack settings are custom speakers and custom amps with the amp sensitivity set at 1.23. I have been playing around with the crossover settings and subharmonic EQ but i just cant seem to get the "Booming Bass" that 4 - 18's should produce. The system is loud as can be, but the bass is just not there. Any help with settings would be greatly appreciated. Maybe i just need more amp???
Thanks all...


  • kruschkrusch Posts: 3
    After reading more in the forum should i run my bass amp in bridged mono and run all four subs at 2ohms ??? what do you think run all four across the front with the dual 15's on each end. Just a thought....
  • OklaPonyOklaPony Posts: 48
    Generally speaking, given similar power to tops and subs, the tops will outrun the subs pretty much every time. At first blush I'd guess that you're way underpowered on your subs. If you want to balance the system start with finding the max the subs will produce then bring the tops along accordingly.

    Personally I wouldn't run that sub system bridged... how old are those Mackies and are/were they even they even spec'd for 2 ohms in bridge mode?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I think OklaPony has it pretty much nailed...2 ohms is a terrible idea...besides the subs would only still get about 350 watts each...AND would increase the current load on the amp to double...I have that amp and while it is a pretty good amp 4 ohm bridged is about as far as I would take it...

    get more power...

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