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Input mixer A and B

frank4dfrank4d Posts: 17
I have noticed that the default input level for the the "stock" Driverack 260 A and B input mixer is -20db. This may be a stupid question (it wouldn't be the first time), but why isn't it 0db? Isn't the idea to have unified gain structure?


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Um... it IS '0' dB...AND -INF- since both channels have the ability to feed all or part of the signal...to any channel...

    So the input 'A' default looks like this:

    1 " 2
    +20 " +20
    +10 " +10
    0 = " 0
    -10 " -10
    -20 " -20
    INF " INF =

    While the 'B' input looks like this:

    1 " 2
    +20 " +20
    +10 " +10
    0 " 0 =
    -10 " -10
    -20 " -20
    INF = " INF

    (sorry... won't render properly...no matter what I do)

    If yours isn't like that then something is wrong...

    You would see this looking at the 'M' mixer section on EVERY preset,

    Now if the OUTPUT is what your asking about, MANY of the presets take into consideration what the amp sensitivity, power output and speaker parameters are to set a level for the amps...Make sure that IF you use the presets you make certain that the models are exact... or use a custom setup... and make sure you verify the settings are appropriate.

  • frank4dfrank4d Posts: 17
    Interesting. I have installed the Driveware on three laptops over time and if I insert a default setting for the 260, here is what I -20 for the input level:

    I guess I'll just change it to 0db if that is the norm. Thanks.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    you either need to get an account with an image host, like photobucket...


    or use a direct link to the pix wherever you have it...this site has no image storage capability...

    http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd14 ... nacome.jpg

    Remember that each input has a mixer and 2 inputs that for stereo will have one @ unity and the other @ - infinity.

    If that is true that would be very weird...putting the input gain @ -20... makes no sense at all...

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