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Cabaret 4691

GFitzhugGFitzhug Posts: 8
edited September 2011 in PA Configuration Wizard
I have a pair of 4691's and a pair of JRX118S biamped with a Behringer 1622 USB board. Does the PA+ have these speakers in it's data bank? Anyone? Thanks! Oh! I forgot to add that the amps are a pair of Crown XLS1500's. I am strictly using this for a basement stereo setup.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    Absolutely not...there is not a preset for your system...JRX118's maybe but who cares...maybe the amps too but again... who cares?

    With that equipment you need control.. and LOTS of it. Have you read the 'start here' thread? OR the ' FAQ' section? They deal with every aspect of the driverack, and if you want to know what it can do... all you need to do is read...We provide the answers... but at a price. You need to learn what the unit can do...and how to do it. After that...you can decide for your self if it's worth it or not...

    We even tell you what crossover type to select and why...and what determines the electrical xove point...

    Look closely at the feature list and imagine how those tools will help tame that beast...

  • Thanks Gadget. I will do the unthinkable and read the instructions FIRST! I will address any inquiries to you , if you do not mind! Again, thanks! :mrgreen:Any suggestions on "taming" the Beast?( what controls I need) I'm a newbie!!!
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    well....Those speakers are pretty old now, and require a fair amount processing to smooth them out. The JRx are also not as robust as some of the other offerings and should be high passed to protect them from damage... The crossover is also important...all these things and more are available in the driverack.

    The Auto EQ process will help tame the horn and it's overly bright output...the limiters will help protect your speakers...the PEQ's will help to make the indoor room modes a more controllable aspect of sound...

    And yes.. feel free to ask away

  • I'm kind of wondering how big this basement is... unless it's a mini Taj Mahal you should darn well have enough to fill the space. What do you intend on playing through the system?
  • It's not the size of the basement that's relative, it's the volume required to overcome my drumming along with the stereo output! I was told by Dave Pegg when he was a bass player for Jethro Tull, that I play 'harder than anyone since Bonzo' (John Bonham) and promised to get me an audition with Zep if they were going to reform after the death of Bonzo! True story! That was back in 1980, but I still like to keep nimble and continue to try and keep up with the young pioneers now playing and stretching the boundries of drumming. Sadly I just don't have as much energy at 60 as I had at 30!!!!! I do like it loud and clean! :twisted:
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sounds like you don't have enough "rig for the gig"...

    Have you seen Vince Neils drummer? Zoltan Chaney...he's a crazy entertaining drummer.. steals the show each time he plays..Did him (Vince/Zoltan) a few times.


    He wanted a drum monitor setup that is a pretty darn big PA in itself...We gave him 4 LABsub but shakers... and 4 double 15" and 2" horns... just for him!

    60 years strong myself...
  • As a buddy of mine says" This gettin old stuff ain't for sissies".Yeah..... back when I was touring i had a couple of 15" top of the line floor monitors on each side of my riser. I guess that' :D s why I still enjoy my hair in the breeze, courtesy of JBL!!! :mrgreen:
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