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crossover settings & master volume setting

trshottrshot Posts: 54
edited September 2011 in PA Configuration Wizard
I'm upgrading my DRPA as I've come across a deal on a PA+..I've used the wiazrd to input both my amps and speaker tunings. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the crossover settings. Below is what wizard selected, I'm wondering if I should move from 80 to 100 (or 110) hz between boxes...

JBL SR4725A tops H 80hz LR24
JBL MR528S bottoms L 33.5hz LR12

1-Crown XTI 2000 bridged tops
2-Crown CE4000's bridged per bottom

Also, I believe Gadget :D favors the BW18 for subs, is this something to consider for mine as well?

on a side note, When mixing, is it best to set board master output volume at or near unity and bring input channels up to create the mix, then raise master output up if overall volume is needed or am I aproaching this the wrong way?



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Also, I believe Gadget :D favors the BW18 for subs, is this something to consider for mine as well?

    That would be a REALLY BIG negative...the BW 18 makes a LOUSY sub...good mid bass but not a sub...Now the Low rider is a good sub speaker..

    I think I would raise the HPF on those tops...

    And what does a BW18 have to do with JBL speakers???

  • I think he meant for the HPF crossover slope for the sub - BW18, not the Peavey Black Widow 18".

  • Yes, I meant BW 18 for the slope on the subs :shock:
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    :lol::lol::lol::lol: :roll:
    Sheesh...that's what I get for speed reading..and even answering when I'm dog tired...

    Yes we like the BW18 for HPF on subs...

  • no worries Gadget, you put in a lot of effort on these pages...your entitled to a few oversights!! :P

    I know your not a big fan of JBL and also don't agree with some of the speaker tunings in the drive rack.
    Once again, this is what the DRPA+ wizard settings were, (JBL SR4725A tops) HPF 80hz LR24
    (JBL MR528S bottoms) LPF 33.5hz LR12...

    I will raise the crossover from 80 to 100hz or do you think 110 is better? Change the subs from LR12 to BW18, Are you in agreement with the tops at LR24?

    Get some rest, and answer after you have your wheaties....lol :shock:

    Thanks again for all you do on this forum!
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