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Cabaret 4691

GFitzhugGFitzhug Posts: 8
edited September 2011 in Configuration Wizard
What preset speaker configuration would be usable to pair with a pair of Crown XLS1500"s?
And if not possible what is my next step? Thanks!! :D

pair of Crown XLS 1500's
pair of JBL Cabaret Series 4691's
pair ofJBL JRX118S
Behringer 1622USB board
dbx DriveRack PA+

P.S. first time "installer"


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    Signed: Newbie DA
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    DennisDennis Posts: 801
    GFitzhug wrote:

    Signed: Newbie DA
    This link is to a PDF that includes info on the 4691...it doesn't have tuning info but has xo point and power handling which will get you started on a "roll your own" setting.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You seem to be a bit impatient on a site with few contributors...but, you can modify almost ANY preset on the 260...but it's easier for you to create a preset using the wizard...simply input your systems parameters into the wizard.. although any fullrange speaker with a sub preset.. like a JBL JRX 115/118 or even an SRX 715/SRX 718 or Peavey Sp2/Sp118...just set you speakers xover point.. I'd try:
    HPF 45hz BW18 for the sub
    LPF 100 LR24 for the xover from sub to top... simple as that.

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