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Sperate mains and sub channel?

chrisrbrchrisrbr Posts: 3
edited October 2011 in PA Configuration Wizard
So, glad I found this forum. Well here goes my long winded question(s). For the past several years our band's PA has been configured as such in an effort to keep good separation between what goes to the mains versus the subs, and to keep only what is truly needed in the subs.
1. Vocals, guitars and keys are panned hard left. (vocals are also low cut)
2. Bass, Kick, drums are roughly panned center. (snare panned more to the left)
3. left fader goes to poweramp/100Hz HPF to mains
4. right fader goes to poweramp/40-100Hz filter to subs

we have had very good results with a mix like this. no feedback, great control over lows versus mains.

Now to integrate the DRPA+ so we can use its limiters and AUTO EQ.

What would be the correct configuration to maintain left and right as seperate channels and still be able to use AUTO EQ?

Second Question: how do you view the eq settings after the unit has gone through the AUTO EQ process?

thanks for reading


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You'll want to set up a custom config.. the important thing is a stereo, dual mono config... this will allow you to Eq the tops first and the subs second...this would HAVE to be a mono config with only one DRPA+...

    Unfortunately the high outs don't have an LPF (Low pass filter) so we can't use the right high out and it's 3 PEQ's...bummer, so you'll need to set up a stereo 2X3 or 2X4.. (you could even set up a 2x5 OR 2x6 and simply ignore the outputs you don't need...) So run the tops on the left high output ( the Auto EQ will do the left input first ) and the subs off the right mid or Low output (depending on config)...

    I assume you don't have an extra Aux output from the board? (if you had read the "read me first before posting" section you would know you should have posted all the system information to facilitate getting out help...) because IF you do, you can accomplish the same thing but easier...

    Ok, now.. remember this.. the [preset] button is kind of like a home key... and will allow you to get out of where ever you are... once you have run an auto EQ pass and want to see the results.. simply press the [preset] key and then the [EQ] button (repeated presses will toggle through the available PEQ's and GEQ)

    So, there you have it...
  • Thanks for the help Gadget. sorry I didn't see the info about listing system specs in the post.
    Our setup is very simple:
    typical 5 piece band: 2 guitars, keys, bass, drums, 4 vocals
    16 channel Carvin C1644 mixer--we just use a bit of the effects on the board
    Beh 31band eq fo mains and another for drummers wedge
    (The rest of us use IEM)
    The eq goes to QSC PLX3102 and/or Carvin DCM2500
    The sub feed as described above goes straight from board to a QSC PLX3602
    Speakers vary alot depending on venue size/layout.

    The DRPA+ is now after the EQ, to allow us to do limiting, AUTO EQ and better filtering.

    I like the aux sub feed idea. The Carvin mixer has four busses that we don't utilize, that would work. Though our method of using panning for seperation works great too--no issues to date.

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