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Gadget... Need some of your vast wisdom pls! EV Live X setup

thunderrainbandthunderrainband Posts: 10
edited October 2011 in Configuration Wizard
Scouring the forum for Driverack PX custom setting configuration with the EV Live X powered speakers.

Have 4 ELX115P
Have 2 ELX118P subs

Smaller venues we use 1/2 setup (2 tops & 1 sub)

I've looked at the speaker frequency response charts, Amp data and I still can't seem to make a logical conclusion on how to set up the Driverack PX.

Any help here is hugely appreciated!

I picked up this unit used for $220 w/RTA mic in excellent condition however I have noticed an array of posts indicating the PX is an entry level unit and the PA+ or 260 would be a noticeable upgrade. Wish I would have read the forum first but if the PX has some good results I'll be upgrading next month.


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok... so this is how it shakes out as I see it.

    The subs response is 42-100 hz +-3dB

    So, set up a 2x3 or 2x4 setup,
    set the HPF for the subs @ 42hz BW18 (you could go lower if you wanted and simply let the subs be their own HPF but I doubt you would notice any real difference...)
    set the HPF/LPF for the tops @ 100hz LR24

    No the PX and the PA PA+ are the same engine, just less features.... 2 in 4 out, no delay and NOT just for powered speakers... it has a full pallet of filters and crossovers and can be used with either.

    The DRPA+ has some nice upgrade features, but the REAL processors start with the 260...a HUGE improvement over both. Matter of fact, I just put the 260 in place of a PA+ and the sonic improvement was immediate and noticeable...with the EXACT same settings...

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