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dwd vs dwp files?

rodeoclownsrodeoclowns Posts: 18
edited November 2011 in 200 Series Software Control
I'd like to use eaw dw* settings on the 260...Can I import .dwp settings into 260?
I see the devices allowed are *.dwd....

I'd like to use EAW KF300e settings....Is this possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yes.. the files are device and preset.. those are presets...(.dwp) simply locate them to place you can find them (I use the desktop) open the GUI with the 260 communicating...on the top blue bar of the GUI right click and select "import program" from the left side select 'desktop' and in the "look in" box, find the file on the desktop and click 'open'...

    Once you have the file you will need to store it to some location for future retrieval, and that is as simple as clicking the store button on the GUI and naming the file.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Gadget correct me if I am wrong.

    .DWD (device) only tranfers the set-up: modules selected, cross-over config (including points, levels and filter types, but not sure about this???)

    .DWP (preset) transfers that AND the actual "adjusted" settings such as GEQ, PEQ, Limiter, Gains, etc.

    I see no practical use for the DWD myself, enlightened us, Gadget. :wink:

  • Thanks Gadget...

    The process seems to work but the files I pulled over from dbxpro.com/speaker_tuning/eaw.php for KF300e
    as *.dwp error with "bad format" when trying to import within dr260...

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    looks to me like that is a 400 series processor setting, I didn't see one for the 260?

    I did find generic processor settings for the KF300e here:
    http://www.eaw.com/info/EAW/Processor_S ... S_rev2.pdf

    Wouldn't be a big deal to manually load those into the 260.
  • I have page 6 of the processes you pointed to, but my problems , I look at those numbers and have no freaking clue how to or where to "install them"....Sorry not very software savvy...I'm a plug and play ,canned software type...Guess I should start learning EQ's, Filters, etc. I 've been lucky I guess with the canned software, along with speakers and amps already loaded...and the bottem line is I've have no problems with gain structures, clipping and after several years of "trying, get pretty good quality sound...

    Thanks for all your input and support.........Great Forum.....I am learning a lot

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Gimme your email address and I'll send you a .dwp file.
  • Thanks Gadget...


    [email protected]

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok it's on it's way...I added subs for future use. (or if you have them...) simply raise the LPF for the lows up to the HPF of the subs...the PEQ @ 56 hz would be moot though...

    The settings are as close as I could get, I didn't add the PEQ @ 20150hz... just not even audible for the most part.. if you want to, we can change the input GEQ to PEQ and you'll get 9 additional PEQ's per input channel, at the expense of auto EQ...

    So for the tops only use you would want the 1-2 outs for the mid hi's and 3-4 outputs for the lows. The 5-6 outs would remain unused...
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Oh and the gains are assuming equal amps for both, if the amp used for the mid highs is 6dB less powerful you will need to adjust for the efficiency difference...add subs and you will again need to re calculate the gain structure.. If you use the gain structure in the FAQ section you'll be good to go no matter which method you use...
  • Over the last few weeks I've been t Branson, MO to work on a sytem installed in a church down there. It was in sad shape! Two blown mid-high cabinets and one blown sub. None of the functions of the 260 were active, signal was just going thru it uncontroled. After repairing the speakers and making adjustments to the 260 I wanted to save the settings on my computer to show one of the other techs at my home church near Chicago. I checked to see if they saved before I left Branson and it appeared as tho they did, maybe I still was connected to the 260, don't remember. I tried to pull up the settings in the Drive Ware last night and could not. Found a dwp file, is this what I am looking for? How do I load the settings into the Drive ware program? Do I need to be connected to a device to this?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yes the .dwp is a preset file...yes you can load it into the GUI, no it doesn't need to be hooked to a 260...

    1. Open the GUI in the computer with the .dwp on it...click Ok to no connection...we don't care
    2. click to run the GUI (insert the 260) then double click the 260 icon...
    3. on the top blue bar of the GUI right click and select 'import program'
    4. select the location using the "look in" tab at the top
    5. find the program in the "NAME" box and highlight it
    6. click 'open'
    7 remember.. if you want to save it you will need to do so... if you don't you will loose it again when you close the program.
  • I get a pop up that says my dwp has a bad format. Anything I can do?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    So... you have no idea where the file came from?

    Could it be a 400 series file?

    You could send me the file and I could see if I can find out what it is..
    [email protected]

    that's the best I can offer..
  • I created the file while in Branson connected to the 260. It opened while still there but didn't when I got back home. When I tried to open it here I may have not done it correctly? I didn't do it the way you instructed. At the top of the window it came up as CRA which is what I named the preset but the configuration was wrong. I closed the file and it asked if I wanted to save, I said no. I'm sending you a copy of the DWP by email.
    Thanks for the help
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