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ZC-8 with Driverrack 4800 - Question

makophinmakophin Posts: 3
edited November 2011 in Zone Controllers
We're trying to program a ZC-8 to control/mix two inputs to several outputs on an installation where the engineer/architect spec'd and installed a DR 4800.

The software seems to have very limited functionality with the ZC-8, and appears to only allow the ZC-8 to control a router, not a multi-mixer.

Is there a firmware update that allows more functionality with the ZC-8 and the DR 4800, or is there a way to do this using a different zone controller?

The situation is we have a mic input and an AV input on a gym wall 100+ feet from the mixer/processor rack, and we want to be able to control levels of these going into the PA.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jerry Turnbow
Sound On Site Audio Services, LLC
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