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Can no longer access 1260

overmediumovermedium Posts: 6
Hello all,

I previously have been able to connect with no problems to the 1260 via ethernet, designer 2.1 and original firmware 2a-1.040.

I had both a hard drive failure and ethernet card failure on my laptop; i replaced the HD, and had to switch to a usb/ethernet connection due to $ constraints.

This is the error I get when trying to go online with 2.1: "IP Networking is unavailable. Please ensure no other Zonepro Designers are running".

If I try to go online with 3.1, it does connect to the 1260 (i can see the 1260 icon distinctly), but it won't run because the firmware is old. I attempted to update the firmware with the flasher, but it appears it will only update via serial and not the ethernet.

So i guess my question may be two fold: is there a fix for the "IP Networking" problem so I can run with 2.1, or is there a way to update the firmware via ethernet so I can use 3.1?

thanks in advance, Ramsay

win xp running on a macbook via bootcamp


  • The problem you are describing is an old Firmware 2.1 and Windows Vista or 7 compatibility issue when connecting over Ethernet.

    You will need to have the most current Firmware 1.110 and ZonePRO Designer Software 3.1 to connect over Ethernet when working with Windows Vista or 7.

    A firmware update to 1.110 will resolve the issue but you'll need to initially connect with a dB9 null modem cable in order to update the firmware.

    Once the firmware is updated, you should be able to connect over Ethernet.


    Jason Mondragon
    dbx Tech Support
  • Hi Jason,

    Okay, thanks. Does it make a difference that I'm running XP, as I never really had a problem connecting with the old firmware and Designer 2.1; only had the problem after my original ethernet card burnt out.

    also, I've long lost the original null modem cable that came with the unit... if I find a generic db9 null modem cable will that work?

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