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qrx 153/75 tunings

hi all long time lurker,1st time poster,i'm looking for dbx tunings for ev qrx 153/75,have a dbx 260,jbl728,s[2per side] 2 qrx153 per side,macrotec 3600 for subs 2 2400s bridged for lows and 2 2400s for mid/hi.i have the ev setting for fir drive but can't match them up to the 260.or is any body using setting they have found that work better. these top boxes rock,clear and smooth,the subs are a great bang for the buck,ok there not hp700's thanks rohny


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    First of all..dbx doesn't make up tunings for speakers.. they only publish those provided by the manufacturers. Now, they have an algorithm for providing crossover points for powered speakers but you will not find them providing "tunings" and particularly Bi-amp tunings...for speakers.

    The BEST route would be if EV were to provide them, but since they don't give "online" support you would need to contact them and see if they have anything to give you.

    One problem is, each processor affects the tunings differently... meaning that a setup for the EV processors won't sound the same in the DR260 or the DRPA...

    One thing you might want to try is going to the Pro sound web and going to the LAB and ask your question there...your chances of finding someone ther with the actaul speakers and a DR260 are much greater than here..

    I see that the ONE thing they provide is a 500 hz xover point from the woofer to the mid high on the 153...other than that.. we could postulate a set of crossover points for the sub/woofer fairly easily, but any PEQ's or filter types would be purely speculative...]
  • thanks gadget,i know the 500hz xover,the ev setting just don't work well,was hoping some one here would have some settings,
  • If the settings provided by EV don't sound right you have other issues. Speaker placement or wrong speakers for your application.

    Those speakers are nothing short of awesome in the correct application with the EV settings paired with a 260.

    Keep in mind that bi-amping the speakers is absolutely critical. You mentioned settings in another post and I don't believe they addressed crossover points and delay which are provided in the correct EV settings.
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