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driverack 260 or the PA+ for DJ work

niko89niko89 Posts: 3
I would like to say thank you very much for all the info on this site, I have been learning a lot. Heres my deal, I'm a caterer and would like to incorporate some music during the catering events. I bought a mackie CFX 12 mixer that runs into a crown xls 802 into a pair of JBL JRX125 and from the mixers sub out into a crown XTI 4000 running in stereo two JBL SRX 718s subs... I originally bought this setup for a keyboard and electronic drum setup and i been using at some catering parties. The setup sounds good but lacks some bass and is harsh at times. So on black friday I picked up a driverack 260 from GC for 775.00 and the microphone. The salesman said it make my setup sound better. When i got home i started to read the manual and this forum on how to use this driverack.... while on website i came across a quick start guide for the driverack PA+ and it seemed to match my needs better, a stereo two way setup.... Can i use the 260 for a simple stereo two way set up, do I even need a driverack at all, if so should i keep the 260 or exchange it for the PA+....


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I would suggest that the Driverack will make a BIG difference in your setup! The thing is, the 125's are a somewhat harsh and unforgiving speaker, and the driverack will help that a great deal. Yes the 260 is a bit of overkill but is by FAR the better sounding unit.

    The setup can be as simple and the feature set is great.

    You can get a leg up by reading the "Start here" thread:

    That will lead you to other links in the FAQ section:

    Check that out and see if it helps, then get back to us and we'll make sure your set..
  • Thanks Gadget for getting back to me so fast and answering my questions...I have been reading the wealth of info on this site...I just wanted to make sure from an expert that I made the right decision to purchase the 260 cause sometimes the advice given at the Guitar Center is not always correct. Also I'm a total newbe when it comes to pro sound but I'm into to learning as long as i know the right direction to go in.... So thanks again and Happy Holidays
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Happy holidays to you too sir! In the 10 or so years that I have been hanging around here I can only remember a couple of people that went away unhappy, and I think they just didn't get it.. The driverack is simply the best bang for the buck out there.. the tool set is awesome and the difference in the sound is usually as simple as adding it to the system and plugging it in.

    If you follow the steps and don't expect it all to be done for you, you will be rewarded with the best results you can get with your system. The steps in the "Start here" thread have helped thousands of sound types get into the digital age and most experience dramatic results! I was once one of those and an "Old Sound guy" that wishes he had something 1/10th as good back in the day. I started out as a DJ and recording engineer/producer then radio station engineer, and I was blown away by the driverack back in the 90's.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have as you read, remember that some of the things were written early on and new techniques have come along that sometimes make things simpler and better.
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