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Optimum Setting (SRX725 SRX718S & DR260)

imagicaimagica Posts: 4
I have Just purchased this system and primary usage for this system will be of DJ (not rental) by me only. Have been reading this forum recently trying to understand basics and been experimenting with DR260 but not able to get the optimum sound. Kindly help me out, I know its a bit of asking but really need proper settings as christmas & new year parties are just in the corner.

My Setup is :
JBL SRX 725 x 4
JBL SRX 718 x 4
QSC RMX 4050HD x 4
DBX DR 260 x1

I have tried the wizard but somehow its not working out perfectly, bass is getting shy. Where is the issue. Waiting for a positive response.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    well you haven't given us all the info.. looks like your NOT bi-amping the tops? What ARE your settings at this time please be specific...

    P.S. In your reading did you see the "read me first before posting" sections?
  • main concept is of using it as two way system also i have a crown xls 602 amp which i can use while bi-amping/or setting 3 way system.
    Plz suggest.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    For one thing it's no wonder your not satisfied..you have WAY too much top for those subs.. it would probably take 2X SRX218 and a 4050 for each in bridged mono to keep up with one of those tops...another problem is.. those tops have a 75 degree horizontal coverage pattern, properly deployed they would cover 150 degrees on each side of the venue, and where coverage patterns overlap (especially in the critical clarity definition regions) there will be all manor of sonic chaos...

    You should probably have 4 SRX218's and 4, bridged 4050HD"s and 2, SRX 725's and 2 RMX2450's running bridged mono and an XLS602 for the horns...

    That said, your stuck with about 850 watts for each of the subs... NOT enough to get them going by any means...

    So, what do you want us to tell you other than that?

    JBL provides all the specs for those speakers in "tunings" on the Pro website...

  • So what i can understand now is i should setup as :

    one side/
    SRX718 - RMX 4050HD (Bridged Mono)
    SRX718 - RMX 4050HD (Bridged Mono)
    SRX725 - RMX 2450 (Bridged Mono)
    XLS 602 (Horn)

    same on other side.

    For DR260 i should go with the wizard setting.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    No... that brings a bit too much power to the 718's.. I think I would go bridged, but with 2 SRX718 for a 4 ohm total of 2000 watts per SRX 718... with DJ music(heavily compressed it's important to stay within the recommended power of the box, which is 1600 watts program...you'll still need a good gain structure and you'll need to stick to it strictly.

    Yes bi-amping is definitely the way to get the most out of the SRX725's I believe the tunings for the 725/718 are available (there are 2 files, the SRX725BSUB and SRX725SBSUB under the 260 heading... available as a .dwp for import into the 260. They may be the same as the ones in the presets, but yes, those will get you the best optimization for the system (other than perhaps a tweak to the gain structure.. see the method in the "START HERE" thread for another way to dial in the system:

    The Auto EQ optimization can also help you get a better sound, and all that is in the Start here, and FAQ sections.

  • If it were me, I would start only with 2x725, not all four of them, since our problem is sound quality and not SPL we should eliminate problems of wrong speaker placement.

    Check the polarity of all your cables.

    2x725 Biamped on one RMX4050 and the 602,
    4X718 center clustered on two bridged RMX4050.
    Configure your 260 from scratch with the wizard to get a tri amp system with mono subs.

    Once this works, we can fine tune it but this system should work great already and if it doesn't then it will be much easier to locate the problem!!!
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