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hornplayerhornplayer Posts: 2
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Hello all
I know some of you guys have experience with this so I need your feedback and opinions.
I'm putting together a JBL SRX system, and am looking at power requirements.
I've narrowed it down to crown MAxxxxI amps, (no built in DSP) requiring external dsp processing (4800-260) or crown I-tech with DSP processing built in.
It appears the cost PER AMP is quite a bit more for I-tech amps, and as far as I can tell the only real differece between the MA-I's and the I-tech's is built in DSP on the I-techs.
What is one to do.
Buy the MAxxxxI amps with an external DSP processor. (I lean toward the 4800. I already run the 260 on one of my systems)
or the I-tech amps and skip the external processing.
I'm familiar with the System Architect software from Crown, and that software handles the 4800 as well as the I-tech's.
All your comments and experience is welcomed.
Thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas to all.
John H


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I have all the driveracks, and my favorite is by far the 4800. The audio is like that of a pure straitwire preamp. That is to say unlike most processors it doesn't have a "sound" of it's own. It's not "warm" and fuzzy like some processors are perceived to be or harsh or brittle... but instead neutral, and uncolored, allowing you to paint your sonic palate without need to "fix" the sound the processor adds.

    I also think that if you consider the fact that the onboard DSP in an amp can't be very large physically, due to the constraints of space...you would get a far better sound from an outboard device, and certainly more features!

    Perhaps Mctwins will chime in, I know he has the MA______i amps and 260 for his low end on this ( :shock: :shock: :shock: ) home theater system...

    The 260 is NICE, but nothing like the 4800! But the feature set alone is far superior, and the quality of the crossovers, dynamics and Eq's is far superior sound quality wise.

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