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no 2x5 configuration in my setuplist

JamessJamess Posts: 4
edited December 2011 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi, i had a Driverack PX before and liked it very much. Now i baught a PA+ to setup 4 topspeakers and a mono bridged subwoofer. I need two of the topspeakers as monitor. I found 2x6, 2x4 and 2x3 setups, but no 2x5 in my setuplist. My setuplist is not like in the manual listed. Then i start the setupwizard, i am only asked for main and subspeakers, never for midspeakers. How can i setup manualy a mono bridged subwoofer? How can i setup with the wizard a 2x5 system? What is wrong with my Driverack? or with me? :?:

JAN from Vienna


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hello Jan,
    What your looking for is disguised as bi-amp tops and mono subs...now why dbx decided to do it that way is beyond me :mrgreen:

    You will set that up in the wizard and then set the hi and mid outs for more of a fullrange (or say 100 hz on up) setup.

    I have provided a way to get a 2 way system (mono), tops and subs, and a single monitor send (which could feed as many monitors as needed, but with only one input...) in the FAQ section.

    You COULD, however, use the 2x5 (bi-amp tops and mono subs) and simply set the hi and mid outs however we wanted, lets say that the tops be put on the hi outs and set to produce 100 hz and up using a LR 24 filter type, then we could set the mid outs to reproduce 150hz to 12khz and set an LPF BW18 and an LPF of LR6 for monitors, and the low left mono outs for sub duty with an HPF of 35hz BW18 and an LPF of 100hz LR24 to compliment the tops.

    You could however have the monitor outs as the Hi outs and the tops as the mid outs, but you have no LPF on the hi outs, and monitor sends don't need response to 20khz always...

    You could also use a preset that's set up as a 2x5, but I guess that would be something like the JBL SR/SRX series and then you'd need to disable the PEQ's and reset the HPF/LPF's...

    Hope that is what your looking for,
    Best regards,
    Gadget, northern Minnesota, USA
  • Hello Gadget!
    Thank you for your reply. I found the right base for my setup in preset nr. 41, SRX 725. I had to choose biamp,for the mainspeaker and mono bridget, for subs, in the wizard. Crossover,as you said and the systems runs perfect. :lol:

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    hopefully you saw the part about disabling the PEQ's? and resetting the crossovers? you could accomplish the same thing with using ALL custom for speakers.
  • Yes, i did! You are right, it is very important, thank you for the reminder.

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