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260 crashed today for no reason

AirtonPSAirtonPS Posts: 14
I have this driverack 260 for almost a year and it has worked flawlessly until now. Today I got a ART DPS. Because it is a tube preamp it generates much heat. The driverack is in a rack, under a furman power and on top of the ART. Today the sound just stopped for no reason and when I saw the dbx was on, but the screen was all bright, no words and no sound. I turned it off and waited 5 minutes, now it just does not turn on again. Could this be caused by the heat? I am in a rush becuase I have a gig next week I am need my system managment!


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I had the same thing happen. except my sound came back after a power off and on. I sent to DBX for repair. They said it was a known problem, and a simple repair. Actually cost less than the minimum they typically charge. Can't promise anything as far as cost goes but I was very happy. You won't be ready in one week though. Sorry. You better make other arrangements for a couple of weeks. Call tech support.

  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Not saying that a hard reset won't fix it, but you could give it a try. Call tech support still.

  • I use a ls9, so i can live without the dbx for a couple weeks.
    I have already had this problem, but a simple turn off and on fixed it, now it is diferent. I contact them though.
    How can i reset the 260?
  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    AirtonPS wrote:
    How can i reset the 260?

    I believe it is a bit difficult to accomplish without a functional screen...you can still try it

    Factory (“Hard�) Reset.
    Press and hold the <STORE> button at power-up until the following message appears:
    “! HARD RESET?�
    “Yes <PREV PAGE>�
    “No <PROGRAM>�
    • Pressing the <PREV PAGE> button will start a Factory Reset (All User Programs will become
    copies of the Factory Programs, all Utility settings will be defaulted, and all Security settings
    will be defaulted).
    • Pressing the <PROGRAM> button will abort the Factory Reset sequence and the unit will
    reset normally.
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