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aux fed subs with dr260 & presonus SL 24.4.2

keyman88keyman88 Posts: 32
Was running aux fed subs with my mixwizard 16.2 and used the aux 6 fader into the dr260 and loved it....I just got a SL 24.4.2, Does anyone know how to connect the aux 9 of the SL24 to run aux fed subs routing it to one of the subgroup faders. I would rather use a fader than the aux knob thanks for any info


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Cool thing is.. set up an aux fed sub and then POST fader it and you ARE using the faders to increase the channel, AND aux output.

    Put the AUX 9 'output' into whichever input you chose for sub feed. Make sure the routing is dual mono. I like the setup wizard because it sets the slate blank and ready for modification.

    Send the routed 260 out (lets say, aux sub feed > A input DR260> output 1 DR260 }{ MONO XLR out SL24 > B input > output 2 DR260)

    This is a 2X2 setup (2in 2out) setup. Manual setup of the HPF, xover, slope, and type all need to be set. You have a host of PEQ's available as well.AND if you follow the rules, the Auto EQ can give you valuable info (unless you are a trained professional that can pick frequencies "out of the air" ... :mrgreen:

    Assuming you have the build 152...press the {select} button on AUX9 all the channels are in the "feed signals to the AUX 9 bus" all rotary controls inder the center meter section are now SEND controls. if you want channel 1 in the subs, turn up the rotary control till you get the LEVEL of bass you want, NOW you have the channel FAT strip SEMI parametric EQ (with narrow filter option) AND a 31band GEQ, AND 500 ms of delay.

    Follow this procedure till you get all the sources you want in the SUBS. I suggest you have at least the KICK and BASS (floor tom) before you EQ, and start with the FAT CHANNEL eq it will help you easily find problems.WE provide a way of "roughing the delay in" without measurement tools in START HERE and FAQ sections.

    Hint, the HPF's on the channels are only 6dB/ OCTAVE, so you would need to set a 200+hz HPF point to get 3dB down @100hz.... set an appropriate HPF for each channel to limit LF rumble...I usually set the monitors up between 130 and 200hz this keeps low end energy form driving up the stage volume.

    Remember the rules, AGAINST the wall or MORE then 8 feet out for subs.

    All for now.
  • Wow...thanks, that was more info than I was expecting. I appreciate the expertise.
    I gather from your patching the aux 9 out into let's pick channel 18, as long as I set aux 9 to post I can just use the channel 18 fader for the subs and I don't need to route channel 18 to a subgroup fader, is that right?
    What did you mean build 152? Also,is putting delay on the subs important? I never really grasped the concept and was just guessing basically.
    Thanks again for sharing!
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well, you kinda got lucky.. see I have a Presonus 16:4:2, I USE aux fed subs...in JUST the way I have described, and I happen to be the mod here as well.

    If your mixer is new you MAY have firmware 152/154... press the [system] button and page till you see the software version your using. Build 152 updates features on the SL to include 31 band GEQ's on all aux outputs, as well as delay. It also gives you some routing options, so you can route firewire inputs into the mixer. For instance, I play break music back through the firewire into the mixer and have routed the music back to inputs 1&2 and all I have to do is press the firewire return buttons... this way I don't have to use up a channel or 2 for break music! One thing you do loose is the ability to route the efx to the monitors with that build.

    Check this out...I am running the mixer, remotely from my laptop. If you have an Ipad, there is a free app for that as well. So I don't have to have the mixer where it is in the way, or in a bad spot for the venue. I can also stand on stage and mix the monitors from stage as well, which is REALLY nice!

    As for delay, no, actually you would usually need to delay the tops to the subs. Case in point is the Subs I own, LABsubs...the sound takes about 10.5 feet to get out of the subs folded horn, or like the Cerwin Vega folded horn subs that have about a 5 foot path out... you would delay the tops long enough to so that the sub sound has time to catch up with the mains so they can both leave together.

    You should go to the Presonus site (if you haven't already, register your mixer and any software you have), then get on to the forum and start reading... you'll find me there also, and a group of very helpful folks as well. Also they usually have online seminars every Tuesday about 2pm and rebroadcast later that day as well. These will help you see things about your product that you never would have suspected...

    Well, you own a pretty darn nice piece of kit with that mixer... what else you got?

  • Thanks again...
    I have build 167 with firmware 1.0 on my sl24 and was able to route the subs just as you described. As far as delaying the tops to match the subs, I assume that I dont need much delay as I'm using front loaded JBL srx 718's (2 per side stacked with a srx 715 on top) Can you get delay settings from jbl or is it something you need to measure for yourself?

    I signed up for the presonus forum and i am looking forward to the online seminars...is that 2pm eastern time or what?
    As far as my gear, you dont need a lot of outboard gear with this mixer (nice) I actually made a case for the mixer with a 14 space shock rack underneath the mixer so I can keep it completely wired up and my laptop can sit on the doghouse at the back of the mixer and I even put the wireless router in the rack.
    I have 4 qsc plx amps and 2 crown xti 6000 for monitors,
    2 qsc plx3402 bridged for each stack of subs (2 amps)
    1 qsc plx3402 bridged for the mids
    1 qsc plx1602 ( channel 1 for highs, channel 2 for a monitor)
    2 crown xti 6000 for 4 monitors
    My speaker setup is (4) JBL SRX 718 subs, (2)SRX715 tops and (5)SRX 712 monitors
    I can get 5 monitor mixes without bringing out any amp racks!
    the front of the rack has just the 6 amps and my driverack 260 and the back has panel mounts for the AC and speakers and a wireless mic and a IEM.....and my router....all i need now is the IPAD! that's the sweetest part of the whole board....I can't wait! Does the IPAD app work as described? I hope so!
    Thanks again I really appreciate the help,
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hi Gary, Gary here :mrgreen:

    Umm didn't you realize your speakers.. are in the menu already? And that they are all pre tuned and ready to rock.. I think if you use the next higher QSC settings that ALL the peq's the crossover points AND the gain structure...there are no delays when ground stacked...

    Yes, the Ipad app works as specified, but so does a laptop and a freeware program called splashtop... I personally run with a tower computer hooked to the mixer... with this I can run VSL, Capture, BPM Studio (my Dj program for break music) Capture recording 16-18 tracks at a time, Studio one (so I can send and receive tracks out to Studio one so I can use any and ALL the plugins to modify my tracks, and send them BACK to the mixer and out to the system ! hows THAT for awesome!)Run VNC for my remote control, and record 2 tracks to Soundforge10! All that is pretty impossible on a laptop...(maybe not a screamin fast Mac) the PC laps just have too many workarounds and unless you have a MONSTER built for audio .. it would seem to be a lot to expect it to just record, and run the VSL and Ipad app.

    Ya I have been doing this a while now and it's REALLY awesome to be able to stand on stage and mix and tune the monitors for each individual band member.. while standing right next to them.

    I have Bi amped the monitors as well, and I have a driverack channel for each monitor. I actually have a 4800 I could put into the monitor chain if needed... but with a 240, and a DRPA I have 4 mixes, loads of PEQ's and 6, 31 band GEQ's and 2, 28 band GEQ's for the 4 monitors!

    So, Looks like you have the original Build?(note, I'm talking about universal control... the program you need to control the SL remotely...) kinda weird that they list 152 as the latest and you have 167??? the newest appears to ne build 1.5.2 ver 3.5.6... so you don't have the latest features... my recommendation would be to go to the site and update to the latest version and you can then take advantage of these great upgrades. Be aware that there has been some issues with stuff recorded in the older versions and played back on the newer one in capture and Studio One... (which is a KICK ASS program... that was just upgraded to version 2)

    BTW my email addy is tzone42@paulbunyan.net ... if you would like to get a hold of me on shorter notice..
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