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Etherent Error

TechZuulTechZuul Posts: 11
I recently upgraded our network to Cisco switches and now every few minutes all 4 of our 1260's show an "Ethernet Error" and reset their ethernet connection. Any details on what this error means so I can configure the switches accordingly.

Joel Howden
Fullerton College Theater Operatrions


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Unfortunately this is a user forum....and there just aren't many power users here... I will forward this to tech support, but I encourage you to do the same... If you need some immediate help you might try the Pro sound web... many more users there, and someone might be able to help you right away.

    Best regards
  • Gadget -
    Thx for the quick reply. I was planning on calling Tech Support on Monday morning but was hoping someone had some experience with this.


    Joel Howden
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