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Need advice on Speaker/Amp Selection for my new Club/BAND PA

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It'll mainly be used for my Hard Rock band as well other bands who play in the club we work for. I also want to be able to lay down some dance tracks etc...

I was gonna use a driverack 4800 to run some Crown XTI Amps and JBL SRX Speakers.

XTI 4000's for the mains/subs and XTI 2000's for the monitors.

4x JBL SRX712s
2x JBL SRX718s

I wasn't sure what tops to use... The SRX715s pole mounted and powered by an XTI 4000 would be the easiest solution i think? The 722, 725, 738 all look so appealing though... Each one has different power ratings and frequency range so... ya... that has me a little confused as to what would be 'balanced'

Then you can 'bi amp' the doubles? I guess i am already bi-amping since i am gonna use one amp for the sub and one for the top? Would it be "tri-amping" then? Would it be a XTI 1000 for the horn, and XTI 4000 for the rest of the cab? Does this really make that big of a difference in sound quality/power? I suppose i can just do Full-Range for now and then worry about that later on in life... if ever.

Also as far as the 4800 goes, what different configurations can you get as far as Main/Monitor Mixes Go? I wanted an 'all in one' solution so i wouldn't need to get 31 band eq's for the monitors.

I want a GOOD BALANCED SOUND. It doesn't need to be a huge system, just 'solid'. I'll take suggestions on different amplifiers/speakers but i was kinda already sold on the SRX and XTI series.

Money really doesn't matter.

Last but not least, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!! I am still looking around these forums trying to figure stuff out on my own but any help would be appreciated.

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  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Greetings! Welcome to the forum.

    One thing that struck me was:
    Money really doesn't matter.

    If that's REALLY true there are a LOT of superior choices to make that would BLOW the SRX speakers out of the building! I have to tell you up front that I am NOT a huge JBL fan... that said now lets get to the amps you have specked... The Xti amps are ~ok, but again, if money is not a big option you should at least consider stepping up to the TI series, or Macrotechs.. better yet, QSC or better yet Labgruppen or in my opinion the BEST are the Powersoft amps (by far) ESPECIALLY for sub applications.. the XTi's just don't have the low end umph!

    I got a couple XTi 2000's for monitor duty, and one crapped out and went into limit and shutdown within a month... and was gone for repairs for 2 1/2 months, came back and the DSP doesn't work! I'm very disappointment in Crown at this point, at least with the low end stuff...

    As for speakers I cannot emphasize enough how incredible the Danley sound stuff is. In a world fraught with less than excellent examples of sonic mastery, Danley is a beacon of light in a dark world. What Livesound has always tried to emulate is point source monitoring... Danley has perfected it at distances of up to 1000 feet and MORE! Imagine a Stadium, where the people 3-400 feet from the speakers get the SAME experience, as those 15-30 feet away. AND generally Danley speakers need little or no equalization, and their pattern control is second to none. This can make a HUGE difference in difficult rooms! Where you want to keep the music ON the people and OFF the hard surfaces.

    Back to the JBL stuff you speced.. Know this, a 15" makes a D A M N poor mid range! A 12" is much much better sounding and if you can get it sounding right, a multi driver system will be much better, but is more problematic to get set up right. That is where proprietary setups rule. Many manufacturers are going to turn key (read this LOCKED systems) with amps, speakers and processing ALL set up and NOT adjustable.
    I guess i am already bi-amping since i am gonna use one amp for the sub and one for the top? Would it be "tri-amping"
    Nope, Bi-amping or Tri-amping is only true when all the components are in one box. So, what you have are Tops, subs, or Bi-amp tops and subs in a 3 way config. As for processing, I have the 4800, and it is a superior sounding processor, but if your going to get amps like the Xti/Ti series Crown (lab gruppen and Powersoft have built in processing as well...) you don't NEED a system processor, and if you get a mixer like the Presonus Studio Live series (you should really look into these.. I have them and they are wonderful.. (in the BUDGET mixer department) and have 31 band eq's on ALL the outputs...so the amps can odffer the processing for the system and the mixer has all the outboard equipment built in! it's a win win situation...

    Of course, if you have the money an Avid Audio SC48 is the BOMB, but at around $30,000.... a bit out of MY budget!

    I will let you digest this info, and then come back with any questions this post has conjured...Visit the Danley site and if you REALLY want to get a leg up, you'll audition what they have, it's clearly the most incredible sonic bang for the buck available today! Oh, and if you want low end next to NONE... Danley stuff is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Imagine a single sub that can ACTUALLY produce sound (and not 10 dB down like other pretenders...) in the 20 hz range.. and I'm talking REAL subsonic stuff that others can only WISH to add to their resume's!

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