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Is the DR 260 good...?

nojoconojoco Posts: 32
I use the DRPA and find it rather easy to use, though, I'm thinking of upgrading to the DR 260. Looking through the manual of the DR 260, it appears to function the same way as the PA, but has some differences.

I provide live sound and most events I do have multiple bands on stage. Amplification is all QSC PLX-2 series. Speakers are JBL SRX subs and Peavey QW2F tops. I'm looking for another (better...?) DSP.

Anyone use both the PA and 260? Is the 260 difficult to use (or get use to)?



  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I bought a PA. It made a world of improvements for me. However, I immediately knew I wanted a 260.
    Greater flexibility and more tools. The best reason to upgrade is the GUI (computer control and set-up. You can download the software (look in the training tab above) and play with it. There is also a video tutorial that you should watch there. You will not believe how MUCH easier it is. Ever needed to tweak the GEQ during a show on the DRPA? Easy enough, I guess.... but time consuming. GUI (I recommend using a mouse) allows you to grab the EQ fader and pull it down as quickly and easily as a standard rack EQ.

    One warning. As of a year or so ago there was a Windows 7 (64 bit) issue with the Driveware. That question should be raised again.

  • nojoconojoco Posts: 32
    Thanks the info Dra - after looking at the manual for it, I wasn't sure if it was actually easier to use. The PA has been fine, but making changes on the panel during shows adds more stress.

    Do you know much about the 260 units (maybe first generation) overheating or something...? I recently came across something about some units shutting off and not being able to come back on - thought it had to do with heat and maybe a ribbon cable (or something like that). Does this sound familiar?

    Looks like there some used ones available, but I'm concerned that some may be available due to the shutting down issues.

    Thanks again
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I had one shut down problem with mine. Got it fixed before it had a chance to happen again.
    You might call tech support to see how common of a problem it was. It could be generational, or simply hit and miss. I do believe that the problem is rare though, and if the problem presents itself they know the fix.

    I would say that the 260 is more difficult to use than the PA because there are more routing possibilities (using the front panel). 1000% easier if you use the GUI.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I have 3 DR260's, 2- DRPA's, a PA+, a DR240, and a DR4800. I have never had a problem with ANY of them and some are well over 10 years old, and gig a LOT...

    There is NO heating issue with the DR260 that I have ever heard of, in fact the older 260's come with a fan, and (mine all still work) there was some concern as the fans would quit, that overheating would be an issue... they found that the fan was not necessary, and stopped adding them in subsequent versions I do believe? anyway, the heating is not an issue unless it's trapped in a closed rack, with VERY hot devices right under it.

    The 260 is a better "sounding" unit than the PX or PA/PA+... it has FAR more features, a I think the GUI will really excite you... visualization of what is going on in the driverack is a MAJOR benefit!

    I dare say the 260 is a quantum leap from the DRPA. You already have the skill set to use the majority of the features, once you get used to the PEQ's and delay features it opens up whole new avenues of system tuning and setup.

    I bought the DRPA, was BLOWN away...then the 260 was released, and when I saw the feature set I immediately got one and MAN was that a big jump! The 4800 is a quantum leap above that...

    Hope that helps!
    Gadget :mrgreen:
  • nojoconojoco Posts: 32
    Thanks for the replies Gadget and Dra!

    I'm considering a used 260 over a new one. I'm hoping any issues with the 260's are not a "common" theme with them.

    Dra - do you recall what DBX did to correct the problem with yours?

    As far as a GUI, I don't have access to a Windows computer, all my computer work is done in Linux and UNIX. Wonder if DBX has a Linux version of the software. Would running the 260 w/out a GUI be possible? i.e. like it is for the PA?

    I would probably be using some features of the 260, except for the EQ. I use an EQ in the FOH inserts.

    Many thanks.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yes, you can work the 260 just like the DRPA...

    No there will never be a Linux or Mac version of software for the DR's... :?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The problem? I don't know and they really didn't say. But, they charged me LESS than the minimum labor charge.

    Look for an old windows XP, 2000, or 98 laptop. With serial port if possible (to avoid having to get a USB-serial convertor). Sell your EQ's to fund it, with boot to help with the 260 purchase.

  • nojoconojoco Posts: 32
    Thanks for the feedback and help guys!

    I've decided to go used and will either locate a cheap laptop for the 260 use (or install an emulator on Linux for the 260 software). I'm looking forward to gaining more control over the system. Will keep the DRPA probably as a backup.
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