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How to follow the Gain Structure on Active speakers

henriklyngehenriklynge Posts: 2
edited February 2012 in PA Configuration Wizard
Dear all
I am new to this and try to follow the guide to setup my PA:
2 Mackie SRM 450
2 TheBox TA18 (18" active sub, 500 W)

How can I set the amplifier gain on a active sub and Makie ?

/Henrik Lynge


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Typically set to 12 o'clock.

    I also use the noise method. Set gain structure through the output of the mixer. An easy way to do this for this purpose is to (wth no speakers conected) play a CD with pink noise into a channel and set the input gain using the PFL to -0- on the output meters. Now play the CD, but press pause. Plug in the speakers with levels down all the way, and bring the channel and masters up to -0- (not the meters, because there is no sound). Increase he level on the speakers (knob) until the noise is unsatisfactory, then back it down until it is satisfactory. You'll find that this will be in the 10 -2 o'clock range.

    In the end however, if your speakers go into limit before your mixer, back them down until thy don't.

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