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dbx 223 and passive speakers

twostrats79twostrats79 Posts: 3
edited February 2012 in Connectivity
Small time cover band normally playing in venues with 100 to 200 people. My equipment is:

one mixer
one dbx 223s
1 qsc 2450 amp
1 QSC GX5 amp
2 JBL JRX115's (passive)
2 Cerwin Vega CVP 118's (passive)
2 Peavey PV 15m Floor Monitor (passive)

Would like to put the jbl's in parrallel to ch. 1 of the GX5 and the Peavey Monitors in parallel to Ch. 2 of the GX5.
One sub would go to Ch.1 of the qsc and 1 sub to ch.2 of the QSC

Would like to know how to physically connect the the amps to the dbx 223 so the jbl(mains) and the Cerwin Vegas(subs)
are crossed over at correct frequencies. Not worried about the monitors right now.

I was hoping the manual that came with the dbx 223 would be more intuitive, or maybe it is and I'm just a maroon. Any help
would be seriously appreciated.


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I'd treat em both separately...Stereo operation, mono sum off, main outs to the channel 1 input of the 223.

    Feed one side of the GX5 with the high out of channel 1 (GX5 in stereo operation, NOT parallel)

    Feed the subs off channel one 223 LOW OUTPUT to the sub amps>subs

    Feed the 223 channel 2 input with a pre fader aux send from the board

    Feed the GX5 channel 2 with the pre fader aux send > monitor speaker...

    2 way FOH single monitor feed...

    Set the crossover point @ around 120hz on channel 1

    Set the crossover point on channel 2 @ 150-180hz,,,

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    Awesome Gadget, I understand that completely. Thanks.
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