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Connect 266XL to Mixer

seeplanetseeplanet Posts: 2
edited March 2012 in Connectivity
Hi Everyone - I'm a bit new to all of this and so while I have been pulling my hair out I think someone might be able to give me a hand. I want to connect my 266XL to my Behringer 802 Mixer. To do this, this is my setup:

Mic --> 802 Mixer --> 266XL --> Back to 802 Mixer --> Computer.

I have the mic connected to the mixer on the first channel via XLR. I then have 1/4" insert cable going from my mixer's FX SEND to the compressor's channel 1. Then have 1/4" insert cable going back to my mixer into its STEREO AUX RETURN.

I've done some tests, and the input seems fine (all the lights are responding), but when I record it onto my computer, I am only getting the original audio from the mic on the first channel. Is there any way to capture only the audio that is coming back from the gate?

Thanks guys!

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