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Please help DBX Driverack PA+ setup!

xxaznboixxxxaznboixx Posts: 6
edited March 2012 in Configuration Wizard

I am new here and I really need help setting up my system. I just bought the DBX DriveRAck PA+ but I am kinda confused about setting up the system.

I have:

1 DBX DriveRack PA+
2 JBL JRX125 speakers
2 Gemini GSM 3250 speakers
2 Gemini GVX series subs (powered)
1 Behringer EPX3000 AMP
1 Behringer iNuke NU3000 AMP

My plan was from DBX DriveRack PA + as a 3 way sound.
FROM: Main (1) output from mixer
Low = (Gemini GVX series powered subs)
MID = (Behringer EPX3000 amp) with (Gemni GSM 3250 speakers)
HIGH = (QSC GX5 amp) with (Gemini GSM 3250 speakers)

and Behringer iNuke NU3000 is connected with JBL JRX125 speakers as a second set of speakers from "Main 2" output from my mixer.

The reasons why i am confused about setting up the system are:
1) There are switches in the back of the Amplifiers such as "Full Range" or "CH1-Low & CH2 High".
2) All my speakers have 2 connections for GEMINI has two 1/4 connections and JBL JRX125 has 1 speakon and 1 1/4 connections.
If I use the dbx driverack pa+ what should i set the switch in the back of my amps to? And if I connected MID and HIGH signals to Gemini speakers, Is it okie to connect both amps in two of 1/4 inputs of GEMINI GSM3250 speakers?

If anyone has a better ideas or suggestions please help. Thanks alot!!
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