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Getting Started - Basic Functions

randrtechrandrtech Junior MemberPosts: 0
edited May 2012 in SC 32 & SC 64
Any tips for getting started with System Architect and the SC 32? The help content is crap..is there a manual somewhere? I will be only using the software to get Command Strings for a 3rd party controller. So far my successes have been changing the contrast of the front display..lol.

Basic functions I will be using are changing sources and volume control. The software seems quite powerful and I see there are MANY options in the Parameter Address Editor. Any idea as to which OBJECTS I would actually need to control these basic functions?

Very new with DBX products in general, definitely more of a programmer than sound engineer.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Looks like there isn't a manual for this, here:
    Is a page with all the lit they show for the unit...

    I personally have no experience with this unit, but it looks similar to the 4800. set up your routing, select what you want in the inserts (or nothing) configure your speakers..test and save.
    I'll see if there's anything else out there...
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