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DR 260 For use w/ new PRX

rickrockrickrock Posts: 27
Hi guys, it's been a while. I enjoyed my Crown/SRX tri-amped system a few years, then my band mates got old and wanted lighter gear (of course, not me so much). Now, new singer, old gear sold, brand new PRX 635 pair and 618XLF pair in hand. Turned 'em on and they make noise (with one LED front light out--GOD don't they check this stuff).

I was able to make my old SRX 722 and 718 set up sing with my 260 settings. And I know there is a new drive rack for powered speakers, but I have $700 into the 260 and would like to use it. This is my query--how best to make use of the 260 with the PRX series.

Are there parabolic eq speaker tunings for the PRX series posted anywhere, and crossover settings? I can configure it manually if someone will provide the secret code. On the other hand, as i recall, it may be that because the internal amps are matched to the speakers that all that parabolic speaker tuning is being done internally, and all I really need to do to improve the set up is use the crossover, limiters, and RTA/graphic eq features. This answer I expect, no parabolic speaker tuning. [Of course, i could just leave it unconnected, turn it on and look at the pretty lights, but I'd like to use the crossover, limiter, and I like to pink the room when inside.]

Suggestions? I've got to pink the system (i.e., set gain structure up) as well. Setting up the crossover (and parabolic eq if there is one for either top box or sub) is a central part of that process.

Much obliged,



  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Welcome home.

    NO! Do not downgrade to a PX!!!!!
    Use the 260!
    Any (even mid grade) powered speaker will have PEQ adjustments made internally. You will still want to do flattening sessions on your own to really get them tuned. Cross them in the 90-120hz (LR24) range just like the SRX cabs. The sub should have it's own protection for extreme lows. You could add a 2nd fail-safe @30hz if you wish.

    Good tuning,
  • rickrockrickrock Posts: 27
    Thanks, as I recall there was some overlap, but not at the same frequency, e.g., they didn't both cross exactly at 90 hz and fade. Instead the tops crossed at 100 and sloped down, and the subs crossed at 90 and sloped up, or something close to that.

    By flattening sessions, you're referring to using the RTA and flattening with the GEQ, correct? Not trying to play with the PEQ? I'm guessing by flattening session, you're saying the same thing I say when I "pink the room", that is, generate the pink noise and let the RTA work its magic.


    Thanks for the help.

  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I would think that these boxes should not overlap.
    I am referring to setting up outside and using the Auto-EQ, then transferring the data to the PEQ to get the system flat for you base-line.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Set the crossover @ 90 hz LR24.. the subs are 3dB down @ 93 hz...
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