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Got a new driverack pa plus need to know how to set up

DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
edited June 2012 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hello I'm new to this but I need help bad I will tell you what I have
This is what I need I think the limter setting and xover setting and any thing else and words good or bad on how to work this thanx

1 furman pl pro 20amp power conditoner

1 driverack pa+

1 dbx 215 eq

1 bbe 882i

1 numark peramp

1 crown xti 4000 on mid/hi 2 jbl cab 45 dual 15"

1 crown xti 6000 on sub 4 Cerwin vega sl36


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    My $.02 worth you don't need the BBE or the 215, and ewe need to know WHICH model JBL cabs? Thios is for DJ then?
  • DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
    Hi thanks for getting back to me the speakers are 2 jbl cabaret 45 from what I've read they are the same as the jrx 125 also this set will used for djing and in and outdoor events plz tell me why is the bbe,215 is not need also I have them there to do tweaks on the fly all events are not the same but plZ give any other advice to make this set better thanks
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Because the DRPA+ has a 28 band EQ and using a 15 band is like using carpet bombing when a sniper rifle will do the job...and the sonic trashisizer isn't necessary with the Driverack...they have some use as an effect, maybe... but otherwise they trick your ear with distortion...and mess the signal up too much.
  • DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
    Okkk thanx now to be clear get rid of the bbe and the 215 and just used the driverack and the preamp and the crowns and then I'm good? Cause I will pUt them on eBay now also I need the xover and limter setting I think that it but any help is always good thanx

    Speaker are again

    4 Cerwin vegas sl36

    2 jbl cabaret 45
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    About Limiter settings... WARNING, they will NOT protect your speakers from harm...

    Are those the 4512B Series? if so they are definitely NOT the same as the JRX series..Those have a 400 watt continuous and 800 watt peak power handling so at 650 watts you are a bit over the power I would spec for those speakers...

    So, in the setup procedure you will need to set the gain structure very carefully. Follow the "start here" thread here:
    NEVER get into the red on the tops amp and instead run the limiter on the XTI a bit heavy handed at just below the clip point.

    I would use 118hz LR24 for the xover point and set the HPF for the sub at 40hz BW18 minimum
  • DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
    Hi thanx so much ur a gig help but not sure of the jbl make so here is the link http://www.jblproservice.com/pdf/Cab%20Series/CAB45.pdf

    Also is this set up good for what I have or I need better let me know thanx
  • DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
    Also my horn driver sound a little weak this is a jbl 2412h i want to know is a better driver to put in this box or buy a different type of speaker all together thanx
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hi, Not meaning to demean your speakers but those are known to be weak in the HF and the mids are also not that tight, there are no replacement diaphragms or cone available so you'd have to replace the speakers if there was a failure.. If you never intend to use the tops fullrange you could get better drivers and better woofers, but they would not be "fullrange" speakers any more.

    The problem occurs when you start to push low end through the tops... the replacement drivers would need to be a very close match to the old ones, and frankly they are quite outdated now.

    With this setup you would be low end heavy.. the tops won't keep up with the subs...
  • DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
    Wow I told my friend that the tops are weak smh thanx for being real I like that but back to this so what speaker would be great with my setup let me know i will pick a different set of tops on sat also I wanted to change the woofer in the vegas I was looking at three type of woofer are 18sound,b&c,rcf so if you know better plz let me know cause I need to make this this set sound nice thanx
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Now that one is a tough one...(Cerwin Vega's) we need to find out exactly what woofer is in them and Then we can match the Theaile small parameters and find something that's going to last...

    As for the tops what is your budget...?
  • DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
    Well if sounds good I will buy it but was looking at jbl srx or mrx so but willing to hear ur input on that also as far as woofers go b&c tbx100,rcf l18p400 so if you know any good woofers plz feel free to speak ur mind

    The woofers that in the boxes are 189se by Cerwin vega
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I recommend the DAS RF 1264, you could get 4 for the price of 2 SRX tops...about $700 each!!! 4" voice coil woofers, and 3" voice coil 2" exit horns! They ROCK!

    I'll have to do some investigating to find the Theile small; parameters for the CV 189SER's...
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Found this...
    Default 18 Inch Drivers Designed For Scoops & Earthquakes/Folded Horns

    Here is a list of 18 inch tranducers that will give you the best performance when using Scoops/Rear Loaded Horns & Earthquakes/Folded Horns

    Note: These are current models, and, you can contact me if you have a question regarding an older model. Cerwin Vega’s can be found used on Ebay

    Aura {Seismic} 1808
    B&C 18 TBX 46
    B&C 18 WB 46
    Celestion Frontline 18
    Cerwin Vega 188 EB
    Cerwin Vega 189 ES
    Cerwin Vega 189 JE {4 ohm}
    Cerwin Vega 189 SE
    Cerwin Vega 18S4 {4 ohm}
    Cerwin Vega 18S8
    Eminence Magnum 18 HO
    Eminence Sigma Pro 18
    Eminence Omega 18
    Eighteen Sound 18 LW 800
    Eighteen Sound 18 LW 1000
    Eighteen Sound 18 LW 1250
    Eighteen Sound 18 LW 1400
    Electrovoice EVX 180 B
    Fane Colossus 18B 600
    JBL 2242
    McCauley 6256
    North Creek Leviton
    P Audio C 18 600 LF
    P Audio C 18 650 EL
    P Audio E 18 300A
    P Audio E 18 600A
    P Audio IMF 18W
    P Audio R 18 100B
    P Audio R 18 76W
    P Audio SD 18
    PAS LX 2800
    Precision Devices PD 1850
    Precision Devices PD 186
    Precision Devices PD 184
    Precision Devices PD 182
    RCF L 18P 200
    RCF Precision 18 G 400
    Transparence 18 B 800
    Void Acoustics V 18 1000
  • LaredobassLaredobass Posts: 10
    Hey there, Gadget!
    Would you consider these drivers to be good 'candidates' for loading into the EV T18 enclosure as well?
  • DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
    Ok cool thanx for the info I just look a pair of srx 725 on cl and the guy is about to lose his storage but anyway I got the deal drum roll plz 1400 for both and the 12g cable 100 ft and as far as the Vegas I think rcf will do for now but is that xti 4000 good for thE 725 cause he want to sell me everything the list is two crown itech 8000,6000 jbl srx 728 two boxes and two boxes of the 725 and cables and driverack 260 and mackie mixing board 2500 for the amps and 1400 for the 725 and 2000 for the 728 now my thing is that I don't need two sets but deal is so good I'm lost for words but let me know thanx
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yes, I would think so... for sure the :
    Paudio P650EL
    Eminence Magnum and Omega
    Fane Colossus XB
    simply because I have tried these drivers, I'm not sure the 18sound LW 1800 wouldn't blow the cabinet apart, but I bet she would really cook :mrgreen:
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sounds like a darn good deal.. The XTi 4000 amps are going to come up short for power...Only thing I wouldn't want is the Mackie board...
  • DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
    Just askin if the jbl srx 722 are good for xti 4000 and would I still be to bottom heavy

    4 sl36 on xti 6000
  • DjaristaDjarista Posts: 11
    Also I'm going to pick up the gear today but ? Itech 6000 and 8000 need two different 20amp feed or do i need more power not to trip I know the 8000 needs a lot of power to push the subs so let me know thanx
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The SRX tops should do fine against the Vega's if powered properly...

    In the last post you said:
    Also I'm going to pick up the gear today but ? Itech 6000 and 8000 need two different 20amp feed or do i need more power not to trip I know the 8000 needs a lot of power to push the subs so let me know thanx

    If your getting the 8000, put the 8000 on the subs, put the 6000 on the 15" mids and put the 4000 on the horns and bi-amp the tops THAT will make the system really SING!!!

    As for power, those amps are externally efficient... if you keep them in stereo, and you don't demand every last ounce of capability out of the system you will likely draw average about 10 amps @ about 115-118 dB.. If you start to push things you'll be able to suck 60 amps out of the wall with no problem :shock:

    For instance, the It8000 draws (at 1/8th power... typical live rock @ about 115dB) 8.3 amps of current, up that to 1/3 power and you up the current load to 18.1 amps, mash her to the floor and you could draw well over 30 amps with that amp alone :shock:

    That translates to about 63 watts of output for every 1 amp of power used.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    For true high performance in CV horns the 18 Sound 18LW 1400 would be the best according to Loudspeakers Plus, I am a dealer for these as well...
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