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Driverack PX Tunings for PRX600 Series??

soodeejaysoodeejay Posts: 5
edited June 2012 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi Everyone,

I bought a DRPX yesterday and am looking at the tunings list and cannot see the tunings for the PRX600 Series?!? Anyway, until DBX decides to release an update to the firmware, what are my options? I do mostly small venues/weddings/private parties, but may add 2 more each in the coming year to be able to do smaller outdoor events.

(2) JBL PRX635 3-Way Cabinets
(2) JBL PRX618-XLF Subwoofers
(1) Numark CDMIX 3 CD Player/Mixer Combo
(1) Traktor S4 Controller

I am also considering a BBE 882i to "sweeten" the sound or is that just overkill? I've heard very lopsided mixed reviews.

Thanks everyone!


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The only thing you would be getting is a crossover point anyway so no big deal. The crossover frequency is listed as 90 hz... I would recommend LR24 @90 hz. Next I would recommend you go to the FAQ section on the front page and look through the appropriate threads, especially the Auto EQ threads.

    In venue tuning is NOT recommended the way dbx instructs, nothing good can come from placing the mic on a stand between the speakers...

    Instead, the mic, on a towel or carpet, on the floor about 25 feet out (or where possible) you may need top be creative. But indoors the LF auto EQ is unreliable below about 170 hz. That should do outdoors...
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    OklaPonyOklaPony Posts: 48
    On the BBE piece, I'd have to recommend against. I don't see where you'd have anything to gain by buying one unless you're wallet is just too dang heavy.

    Also, you could always use the PRX5XX presets as a starting point and adjust accordingly, at least until you're comfortable with the operation of the DRPX. Whatever you do, don't get in a hurry... take your time and and familiarize yourself with the controls, you should end up with a nice sounding rig.
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    YA ... what he said... :mrgreen: The driverack can do it MUCH better...
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