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Driverack PA settings for eaw/qsc

gmlasergmlaser Posts: 4
edited June 2012 in PA Configuration Wizard
Ok here goes we have a small system comprising of 4 eaw kf300e powered by a crown k2 for the LF and a crown k1 for the mid/highs and 4 qsc isis 215sb subs powered by 2 crown k2,s
I have no info for the settings for the subs and and the eaw info is as follows-
GAIN (dB) 6.0 0.0
DELAY (ms) 0.36 0.00
POLARITY Positive Positive
HPF Freq (Hz) 40 459
Slope (dB) 24 24
Shape Butterworth Linkwitz-Riley
LPF Freq (Hz) 459 thru
Slope (dB) 24
Shape Butterworth
PEQ1 Freq (Hz) 56 944
Level (dB) 8.0 -1.0
Type Parametric Parametric
Q 2.00 5.04
(Bandwidth) 0.56 0.20
PEQ2 Freq (Hz) 20150
Level (dB) 5.0
Type Parametric
Q 1.00
(Bandwidth) 1.00
PEQ3 Freq (Hz) 9510
Level (dB) 3.0
Type Parametric
Q 5.04
(Bandwidth) 0.20
PEQ4 Freq (Hz) 561
Level (dB) 1.5
Type Parametric
Q 1.89
(Bandwidth) 0.53
PEQ5 Freq (Hz) 2110
Level (dB) 1.7
Type Parametric
Q 4.00
(Bandwidth) 0.25
NOTE: To use system with sub, high pass LF @ 100 Hz (24 dB Butterworth) & do not use PEQ
the pa does not have 5 peq settings so what to do is the question ?????


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Those are Bi-amp settings and your running fullrange right?
  • gmlasergmlaser Posts: 4
    the eaw,s are bi amped
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Skip the 944hz and the 561hz and bump the GEQ in those areas a bit...that's all you can do...
  • gmlasergmlaser Posts: 4
    Ok will give that a try thanks for your help.
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