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Problem with 442

djd8djd8 Posts: 15
On my last two gigs when first powering up my driverack 442 that is in one of our monitor racks it displays CH ER and won't load. If I toggle to one of the presets, it will load but all my custom presets are gone. I then have to recreate my presets and store them but thats a pain and at next boot up they are gone. This last time I saved the preset to the laptop so at least I can reload them that way.
Is there some sort of battery in the unit that needs to be changed or something? Maybe it needs service, I don't know but I'd love to get this fixed so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I guess I would recommend you try a hard reset to factory default and see how it works after that.
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