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Driverack limiter threshold value

frank4dfrank4d Posts: 17
While running my 260 in standard tri-amp crossover mode for my JBL SRX700 series speakers, I have the mono sub gain set at -6.9db. As a precaution, I also have the limiter for the sub output channel set at what I thought was a high 13dbu threshold. I have this limiter set for over-easy mode.

When I monitor the this limiter during live music, I am seeing the yellow indicator light telling me that the over-easy function is already starting to kick in.

My question is, should -6.9 output of signal to this channel already be entering the limiter's over-easy mode with a threshold of 13dbu? I understand that only the bass peaks are hitting this level, but I can't help but wonder why this high a threshold would already be kicking in. I have checked my gain structure from source all the way to the driverack and I see no imbalance (Nominal 0db all the way into the driverack). Any opinions on this? Is this "normal"?


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    There's a few too many things that are questionable here to make an informed response... Sounds like your running aux fed subs and using one of the inputs of the 260 for that and the other for FOH? Are you saying you set the input mixer on the sub input at -6.9 dB? Why are you doing this? and as a precaution for what?

    Typically subs need a LOT more gain due to the nature of sound unless your amps are scaled perfectly for the speakers in question, the sub amps will be run wide open and perhaps gain added at the crossover versus the tops.

    So, be as specific as possible in telling us what you have going on here, too many possibilities and we can only go on what you give us...

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