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Urgent - Band needs help!!!!!

OrbitiOrbiti Posts: 3
edited August 2012 in Configuration Wizard
Hi i recently purchased the DBX Driverack 260 for my Band and have a few issues that i hope someone can help with and resolve.

Our Setup is:
4x EV ZX4 Tops
2x JBLMpro 418 Subs
1x JBL Jrx 118 Sub
1x JBL Jrx 118s Powered Sub

Drive Rack Configuration:

Output 1 - 1x EV ZX4 Tops
Output 2 - 1x JBL MPro 418s Sub
Output 3 - 1x EV ZX4 Tops
Output 4 - 1x JBL MPro 418s Sub

Output 5 - 2x EV ZX4 Tops (Stage Monitors)
Output 6 - 1x JBL Jrx 118 Sub (Stage Sub)

Q 1 - How can i incorporate my powered JRX sub into this system as a stage sub?

Q2 - We have also noticed that the FOH is Very Muddy and Boomy.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Put the powered sub on output 6 with the other stage sub.

    What are you x-over setting used?

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    OrbitiOrbiti Posts: 3
    I have already tried that and the output from the dbx into powered sub is very low!!!
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    We are glad to help, but you've given us no info to work with....like what amp is use for the other amp, what the gain setting is on that output, does the powered amp normally get loud., etc

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