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Range of analog DC control-voltage?

danieliciousdanielicious Posts: 2
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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and fairly new to DBX-products as well, but been having audio and electronics as a hobby for years. Got a question for you:

As I've gathered from the specs the Zone Controllers use analog DC voltage for logic control, but I haven't been able to find the range or resolution of this voltage (e.g. 0-10V in steps of 1V, or whatever). Does anyone here happen to know this?

The reason I'm asking is that I'm contemplating a setup with a ZC-3 controlling not only scene/program selection for a ZonePro or DriveRack, but at the same time also amplifier power via a programmable relay accepting analog DC-voltage as input. Alas, before I know what relay to look for, or even if this idea will be possible at all, I need to to know more about the ZC control voltage...

Any help will be appreciated!



  • 1) The ZonePRO Unit sends +5 volts to the ZCs. This is sent on the two outer wires of the Cat 5 cable (Ground and +5 Volts reference).
    2) Depending upon how the ZC is set, it adds an amount of resistance to the +5 Volts that it received from the ZonePRO.
    3) The dip switches on each ZC select which of the remaining 6 inner wires (in the Cat 5 cable) the new Voltage value (after resistance occurs) is sent back to the ZonePRO through.
    4) The ZonePRO knows what type of ZC is being used on this connection based on its selection in the ZC Panel configuration page within ZonePRO Designer’s Configuration Wizard. This way it can interpret what this new Voltage value will represent. This is why the dip switch setting and port connection (this determines the ID #) must match with the “#� assignment on the ZC Panel Configuration page.

    The dip switch setting on the Zone Controller will correspond with each wire inside the Cat 5

    1 white/Orange 1 + 5 Voltage Reference
    2 Orange 2 ID# 1 or 7
    3 White/Green 3 ID# 2 or 8
    4 BLUE 4 ID# 3 or 9
    5 White/Blue 5 ID# 4 or 10
    6 Green 6 ID# 5 or 11
    7 White/Brown 7 ID# 6 or 12
    8 BROWN 8 Ground

    Best Regards,

    Jason Mondragon
    dbx Technical Customer Service
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