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Connecting AUX Fed Subs

rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
edited November 2012 in Connectivity
I need help on how to correctly connect aux fed subs on my system. I have an Allen Heath Mix-Wiz 16, DBX DR PA+, 4 JBL SR4725 Mains, 2 SRX718 Subs, and 2 Crown Xti4000's. I know on the mixer I can use the Mono slider to control aux fed subs tied into with the Aux 6 knob. I plan to add an SRX 728 sub soon. How do I connect this with what I have? Do I bypass the DR completely on the subs and go directly from the M output on mixer directly to Crown Xti amp? Do I need to set anything on the Crown DSP settings? Any help would be much appreciated.


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Typically the Aux 6 (or any aux that is post fader, this way the channel fader will control the main tops and the sub at the same time, and the aux 6 master acts as the overall sub volume) would feed the driverack (one channel or the other.. I suggest the left input.. then follow this thread...
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    Read the link and makes sense. Now my question is having 4 JBL 4725's and how do I connect all 4 into the DR PA to use full range? I usually run 2 4725's per side on the Xti4000 in stereo. Out of the mixer R-L into the R-L inputs on the DR PA, then output R-L into the Xti4000 1 & 2 channels.
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    If your using one amp and 2 speakers per channel for a 4 ohm nominal load, the best way is a homerun from the amp to each speaker.. as opposed to daisy chaining the speakers.. if you had another 4000 you could use the Mid outs and control 4 speakers separately...
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    Got it. Lots of options. Last question, I hope… If I run my JBL's in Stereo as normal through the DR and bypass the Subs on their own directly into the Xti, what kind of settings would I need to do on the Crown DSP if any, (xover, filters, limit, eq, etc)? I am bridging it. I'm still very new to this.
    Also if I go with another Xti4000 how would I set up other 2 JBL's through the mids in the DR PA? Thanks.
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The mid outs can be configured (as can all of the outputs) for fullrange or any part of the the frequency spectrum...(the High outs don't have an LPF however...The amps can do this as well.. You simply select the xover and select the midrange outputs and you can then set the HPF and LPF any way you wish...

    My recommendations are:
    HPF = 40hzBW18
    LPF = 118hz LR24
    HPF = 118hz LR24

    With the amps, download the Bandmanager software and use the GUI to set up the amps... you can save the setups in case they get wiped from the amps, and you can set up several scenarios you can switch between as needed...
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