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More Peavey Questions

Steve KSteve K Posts: 3
edited December 2012 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hello, and allow me to apologias in advance as I am sure this has most likely been beat to death:

I am a fairly new (noob) user of the DRPA - which has sat in my rack for a year unused as a former band member knew how to use it. We play classic rock in medium sized clubs on the weekends.

My system consists of:

Carvin C2444
Berhinger EP4000 x7
Peavey sp2 x4 (newer type)
Peavey sp218 x4

I'm not worried about my monitor rig however, it is a couple more sp2 pole mounted for side fills and a couple 1x15 horn floor wedges.

Previously, I would of used a conventional x-over where the DRPA resides and a dual 31 going l/r into said x-over.

I also am pretty sure I'm underpowered. I have been running a single bridged mono EP4000 per sub and a single bridged mono EP4000 per side@ 4ohm into the tops which are daisy chained. So, I have used a total of six amps - I purposely keep one extra in the rack as a spare. I also have the dbx branded rta mic..

Not looking for ear shattering or equipment damaging levels here, just good manageable stuff for small - medium sized clubs.

I guess my big question is - What are the best hpf and lpf settings for me?



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