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Headroom Meters

djmusic5djmusic5 Posts: 5
edited December 2012 in Configuration Wizard
I notice that at time the headroom meters with be in the red, but I dont see the green/yellow portion light up, just the red. Sometime i'll see the first one or two LEDs light up green but never all of the LEDS. Is there a reason for this? I would think like most meter it lights up from the green and everything would be light if the signal was causing the meter to go into the red.............


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok, not my usual modus... but here were going to get a bit technical... I like to try and take the technology and d-mystify it.. if you will, but here were talking "meter ballistics" the science of trying to display peak audio information while maintaining average levels... well, lets just say there isn't a happy medium.. High end meters can cost as much as a pair of Gucci shoes or a bag... so packing the box with enough technology to accurately model the sound would make the box prohibitively expensive...

    Meter Ballistics has been a double edged sword for years. On the one hand the analog meters (needle type) do nice work in the averaging department, they SUCK at peak audio indication, Even LED's don't react fast enough (even though they were added to analog meters for a time) to catch the peaks... by the time they light...the peak has come and gone and is little more than a memory.

    I noticed early on with the 260, that the meters on the GUI didn't agree with those on the 260 itself...In fact, peaks that caused overload on the GUI didn't even register in some cases on the meters of the unit...

    So, those are just a guide on the PA/PA+ PX... leave room for error... and understand that they cannot keep up with the real world speed of the actual audio~
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Could also be that the "red" that you see are actually the "amber" limiter/compressor LEDs at the very top and you have the threshold set really low.

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