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DRPA+ Peavey QSC

TeoyaomquiTeoyaomqui Posts: 19
edited January 2013 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi, great forum with really useful information.

First, I look around and could not find the info I need.

This is what I am running;

-Mixer dont think that matters but just in case its a 16 channel Presonus.


-2 SP4g + 2 SP1G
-hooked up to a QSC 5050 Stereo

-2 SP218 running 2 Low Rider on each cab.
-Each cab is hooked up to a QSC 3600 PLX bridge mode.

Any recommendations changes and settings on the DRPA+.

I think the Peavey settings are wrong in DRPA+. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Have you considered going 3-way?
    Subs: 40-70hz (or 90)
    Lows (sp4 bi-amp low): 70 (or 90) - 300hz
    Highs (sp1 full range): 300 hz and up

    You would need to run mono if you need to bridge the subs to get the output needed.
    Assuming that you have the RMX5050, that would be better used on the subs than the PLX3600 (from what I hear). But you only have the one.

    If you insist of using the sp4's and sp1's each as top cabs, then I would cross at 90hz. Use BW18 filters for the low sub and LR24 for all others.

    You could set up a 2 x 6 and have some tone and level control of each top cab set. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the response.

    I did consider 3-way and still am but didnt think about how you are putting it. Would I bypass the tweeter on the SP4?

    I was thinking of using 2 sp1g, 1 SP4G and a SP218 per side and going three-way.

    That way I would have 2-18, 4-15, 2 or 3 tweeters per side.

    and for tweeters i would use a QXC 1400.

    I was using the 5050 for subs but felt they were getting under power. as the 3600 bridged would give me enough for each cab.

  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    By inputting into the bi-amp low plug you would be eliminating the horn of the SP4 and also the x-over that robs power as well.

    Did you mean to say that you would use 1 of each cab per side. I thought you had on 2 of each.

    What I suggested was (updated with your addition of the extra amp)

    Set up a 2 x 6 (bi-amp + sub in the wizard).
    Low: (18's on bridged PLX3600 x2)
    40hz BW18
    70hz LR24

    Mid: (15's only in SP4G's on RMX5050, plug into bi-amp Low input, one cab on each channel)
    70hz LR24
    300hz LR24 (could also try 250hz)

    High: Full Range input SP1G on 1400
    300hz LR 24 (could also try 250hz)

    You will will select either left or right input and follow the same on the outs.

  • I have a total of;

    2 sp4g
    4 sp1g
    2 sp218

    1 QSC 5050
    2 QSC 3600 PLX
    1 QSC 1400


    This is what I was thinking of doing using all.

    Use the 3600 PLX Bridge on the SP218 @ 40-180 (which prob is wrong on freq.)

    Use the 5050 Stereo on 8 15'(2 from Sp4g and 2 from the SP1G[2cabs]per side). @ 180 - 1800

    Use the 1400 on the tweeters from the SPxGs. @ 1800 < up.

  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I'll stand by my recommendation. 180hz is WAY too high for subs and WAY too low for 15's. You are cutting what they do best.
    Maybe Gadget will throw in a couple of pennys.

  • TeoyaomquiTeoyaomqui Posts: 19
    edited January 2013
    is the QSC 1400 Enough for the 4 sp1g?

    I have a Crown K2 that am using for monitors.

    Also, one of the crossovers on the SP1G is not working.

    or should I only use 1 Sp1g per side?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Do you have a whole model #?
  • Teoyaomqui wrote:
    is the QSC 1400 Enough for the 4 sp1g?

    I have a Crown K2 that am using for monitors.

    Also, one of the crossovers on the SP1G is not working.

    or should I only use 1 Sp1g per side?

    Its just Crown K2.

    http://www.lordofthebass.com/_images/co ... rownk2.jpg
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I meant the QSC 1400. There has to be more.
  • Oh sorry. and by the way thank you for your help.

    RMX 1450.

    One of the Peaveys crossover doesn't work.

    Should I just use 1 of them per side?

    or do you have another recommendation using them all?

    I'll go with your best recommendation.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Crap, I misread. I thought you had 2) 1G's and 4) 4G's.

    Which cab has a bad x-over?
  • One of the SP1G.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Looks like a 80 deg horn. If you tow them in 30 degrees each you will still have a little outward (side) projection and will cover the close middle pretty well (at no more than 25 feet apart).

    The RMX1450 should keep up fine only producing 300+hz. May have to raise that a bit, if not.
    1) 2" + 15 high-pack
    2) 15" mid/lo mid
    2) 18" Sub
    per side.

    You might also consider using the bi-amp low input of the remaining 2) SP1G's for 3) 15's per side (that only would be a 3.? ohm load). Dropping the x-over point 5 to 10hz would then be an option, I suppose.

  • This is what am getting.

    1 SP1G on QSC 1400 @ 300 RL24

    1 SP4G + 1SP1G on QSC 5050 @ 300 RL24 - 70 RL24

    1 SP218 on PLX3600 @ 70 RL24 - 40 BW18

    Thank you.

    Any other recommendations?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I think that is a good starting point. You can tweak and change as you see fit. Most of the balancing will be done by the amp levels turn DOWN the louder sections. We will assume that you have done a proper gain structure by following the step in the read me first section. If not that needs to be done before starting.

  • Did So, Thank you for your help with this DRA.

    I will try it this weekend.
  • I tried it this week and it sound it a lot better then how I had it. It sounds more pleasant.

    Now I can feel the punch, but not sure if I need to more highs or more volumen on them but dont want to overdrive them.

    I end it up using the crown K2 over the RMX 1400.

    SP1G are 8 Ω. On the RMX I would only get 250 watts and on the K2 I get 500 watts.

    Also I didn't mention that this was for Live Sound. Dont know if that makes a difference on the set up you gave me.

    When doing the gain structure and setting the crossover points, I didn't find a 70hz split and use 71 hz(dont think it will make a difference) but Can I go up to 75hz?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    70hz... 71hz.... :wink:

  • Cool.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    I appreciate it. Specially pointing out at the gain structure that made a big difference. On my set up. Well mostly the setup you gave me.

    Again thank you.
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