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ELX115/118P set-up

azugeyazugey Posts: 4
edited January 2013 in PA Configuration Wizard

I have spent hours reading through the "start here" & FAQ sections and have found the information there very useful, but somewhat overwhelming at times. I have tried implimenting the things I have read for my rackdrive PA+ set-up but still do not believe I have it "dialed-in"
Tops sound more "tinny" with the driverack installed.

There is not much information here on the live-x series (passive) that I have found. This is what I have:

(2)ELX115 tops
(2)ELX118P Subs
QSR PLX-3602 driving tops
Rackdrive PA+

I've gone through the set-up wizard but since there are no factory pre-sets for these speakers, I'm getting hung up in the custom x-over settings & auto-eq sections. Thanks in advance for the help!


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Did you follow the manual (put the mic on a stand in the middle of the room between the speakers) or Gadget's Auto EQ set-up guide (one stack, mic on the floor on a towel, in the speakers direct line of fire)?

  • azugeyazugey Posts: 4
    Yes I have a small kick drum mic stand that was used. i believe the issue/problem I'm having is related to the x-over section. I tried a preset (EV elim series) which is as close to the X-live specs as i could find pre-loaded in the DRPA+. I'm looking for x-over settings for the tops I have (EVX115) and Subs (EVX118P)
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    100hz is a pretty standard / usable x-over point.

    The sub will set it's own HPF, but you would be wise to go ahead and put a fail-safe at say 25 or 30 hz.

    30hz BW18
    100hz LR24

    100hz LR24

    I will say that the "tinny" sound would not come from the x-over point, unless the sub has a built filter at say 150hz and you had the filter for the tops set at say 300-500hz.

    Do you have means to run a sweep?

  • azugeyazugey Posts: 4
    Hey Dra:

    Thanks for the info. I didn't have the means for a sweep so I did a hard reset and everything in sounding great. Not sure what was going on but I'm good now, thanks for the help!
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