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AFS224 + RF interference problem

gary_bgary_b Posts: 5
edited February 2013 in Connectivity
Hi, I hope I got the correct area to post this...

I have just installed in a church, aDBX AFS224 into a rack with a DBX 1231 GEQ, Allen & Heath Mixwizard 16:2 desk, 16:4 multicore to 2 x HK Elements sub + 2 x tops. All cables are either Canford balanced solid screen install grade or star-quad + Neutriks. mics are AT, Shure, Sennheiser. Rack gear is isolated with Humfrees-like isolators and all is on a new clean 240v supply.

We know there is a large RF signal in the building, and of course, the snake is a great antennae, but the AFS seems to not be able to reject the RF in the same way as the other gear. I've had to pull the AFS from the rack.

I understand that steep filters are prone to less RF rejection.

I haven't had a problem with RF since the eighties! Has anyone else had this problem with an AFS or similar or any advice on dealing with it?

Many thanks for any advice.



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Considering that the other gear is clean, this is not likely the problem, but stranger things have happened.

    Have you had a dry fall / winter? In extreme situations, the ground around the main earth ground rod can dry and shrink causing it to pull away from the rod. If this is the case t things can be done. Re-saturate the ground or drive in second rod and add a jumper wire.

    Have you tried moving the AFS224 to another position in the rack, removed it from the rack, stood it on its side, added a chassis ground.

    Are you using it whole system, or as channel inserts?

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    Hi Dra

    Thank you for replying. Yes, used inserts and inline, and pulled the AFS from the rack and reorientated it too. No change. As for climate, this is Ireland and at this time of year it's often over 90% humidity so not much chance of a dry earth!

    The electricity supply/wiring is maintained by a very good electrician too but here's the deal-breaker - this is an old building with a lot of iron work and I just discovered there's a transmitter in the bell tower...

    As necessity is the mother of invention, it forced a radical rethink of transducers, speaker placement and novice user training and I've now been able to pull the AFS (it's now on Ebay!).

    The best is that the church is delighted with the system. Just goes to show, doesn't it!

    Dra, many thanks for your interest, many blessings on you and yours friend...

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